The Film and Television Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava is the oldest and most prestigious film school in Slovakia. It provides education to especially gifted students, further develops their talent and artistic abilities, and leads them to a deepening of their individual personal expression. In this way it contributes to cultivation in the audio-visual area and helps maintain awareness of the nation’s high cultural level.

The Film and Television Faculty places emphasis on the adoption of high professional standards in all the fundamental film professions, and guides its students to deep theoretic and practical skills. In accredited study programs at all three education levels, space for the creative development of individual artistic talent is provided to them.The Film and Television Faculty is a meaningful cultural institution whose public presentation of student film projects significantly enriches Bratislava’s cultural environment and brings Slovakia major response at international film festivals and art presentations.

The study in the artistic programs is based above all on the creativity of the student of live-action, documentary and animated films. Pedagogues approach the students on an individual basis in the attempt to support their distinct talent, their artistic and personal development, the originality of their world-view, their individual signature and their desire to bring onto the screen courageous stories of the world in which they live.Our students presented their films at international events such as Cannes, Berlinale, Toronto, Munich, Athens, Vienna, Manchester, Hong Kong, Florida, Madrid, Delhi, Seoul, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.

Poisoned Well / Otrávená studňa

2023, Slovakia, 14 min 1 s

Director: Radek Ševčík

Cinematography: Kristián Katona, Michal Vasiľ, Petr Chromčák, Paulína Hampachelová, Lenka Špániková, Radek Ševčík

Editing: Petr Chomčák

Sound: Marek Votruba

Production: Rebeka Ondová

October 12, 2022 – terrorist attack in Bratislava – death of innocent LGBTI+ people – no political response. Film-requiem discusses the deteriorating state of society after the attack, as well as the intimate feelings of LGBTI+ people, including the author himself. Suppressed emotions cannot be filtered even on a self-defense course, where the participants do not belong, where they are forced to be because of their fear. A rotten well poisons society’s opinions, which do not improve even after the attack. Do people really need to live in fear?

The Whisper of Freedom / Posledná šanca

2023, Slovakia, 16 min 34 s

Director: Anna Ahaliieva

Cinematography: Lenka Špániková

Editing: Filip Šablatura

Sound: Filip Farkašovský

Production: Tobiáš Ondruš

Cast:  Jana Kvantiková, Dana Droppová, Makar Tychomyrov, Denis Duriančik

The plot of the film takes place in the 80s of the last century in Czechoslovakia. The story shows the necessity of concealing the love between two women, which would have been unacceptable to society at that time. Certain circumstances force our two protagonists to keep their shared feelings a secret and adapt to a “traditional” life, which is against what their hearts feel.

Dream Rotation / Dream Rotation

2O23, Slovakia, 8 min 59 s

Director: Katarína Jelínková, Darya Sidorova, Viktória Zimmermannová, Rebeka Vakrčková

Cinematography: Katarína Jelínková, Darya Sidorova, Viktória Zimmermannová, Rebeka Vakrčková

Editing: Katarína Jelínková, Darya Sidorova, Viktória Zimmermannová, Rebeka Vakrčková

Animation: Katarína Jelínková, Darya Sidorova, Viktória Zimmermannová, Rebeka Vakrčková

Sound: Marek Brinzík

Music: Marek Brinzík

Cast: Annamária Jelínková, Marek Brinzík

A lost soul makes its way through the thicket of the forest at night. He wanders aimlessly until he comes upon a group of those like himself, sitting by a fire. Night and fire freed them, and now everyone is ready to share the story that brought them to this forest.