Joins us every night at legendary festival parties! This year in two official bars – OST BLOCK (Kamenné Square) and MANIFEST BOHEMA (Hurbanovo Square).

every party starts at 21:30
free entry


President Lourajder @ Dark OST BLOCK
The FEBIOFEST IFF & VFF has its favorite for president, President Lourajder! Artist, educator, rapper. DJ for this evening. Eclectic set. From rap to experimental electronica to the hits of the zero years. Get your dancing shoes ready!


Vesnu @ Dark OST BLOCK
Vesnu is a digital shaman who wants people to meet themselves and each other on the dance floor. With hypnotic beats, he overcomes distances, with playful sets with unexpected twists, he reminds us that everything is here and now. He likes to move from techno to house to disco. He likes the noise of the night, but also the tenderness of the morning.


Kiro & Miguel @ Dark OST BLOCK
On Friday, the seasoned pair of Kiro and Miguel will play for us. The guys have been playing together for almost 40 years, so it will be worth it. They mix the sound of minimal, tech house and deep house, but also a lot of subgenres in between.

Pynk @ Manifest Bohéma
Jacob Zima – One half of the group Pynk, an exceptional electronic music DJ and producer, known for his ability to combine the genres of House, Tech House, Deep House and Afro House. His sets are characterized by innovative arrangements, deep bass lines and an emotional atmosphere that engulfs you.


It’s Giving by Nika & Aldo @ Dark OST BLOCK
Nika Mi is a DJ from Bratislava who found her passion in the club scene evolving from rap. Jersey Club is the only one around that plays sets that mix Jersey Drill and Baltimore Club. Her sets never lack new rap releases by artists set to this type of beats, underground producers or various edits. Aldo comes from Bratislava. Plays open format and urban music. In his sets, you can hear genres such as hip-hop, neosoul, r’n’b, mash ups and afrobeats. His philosophy is to use turntables as a musical instrument by implementing scratching and beatjuggling.

Deti, Kodiki & Miklei @ Manifest Bohéma
Saturday will be spectacular at Manifest Bohéma! You can look forward to a busy evening full of performers who currently resonate on the Slovak club scene.

DETI come from the dark alleys of the Bratislava DIY sewers to unleash their fast hitting sets. The combination of minimalistic fuzz riffs with hard bass without unnecessary soloing presents garage dirty minimal with visual oscillation of the 90s. Singing directly in the face with design lyrics, drowned in the mud of delay is driven by plucked drums.

Miklei is a Ukrainian techno DJ living in Bratislava. Her sets are fast and dynamic. She enjoys mixing hypnotic repetitive techno with strong vocals. In addition, she likes to experiment and compile her selection from a mixture of old school techno, breakbeats and grooves.

Kodiki skillfully deconstructs post-club beats with a humorous, creative and energetic tone, resulting in surprising and powerful compositions. His music is characterized by unexpected twists, dips and complex rhythms that keep the listener in suspense from beginning to end.