Debra McGuire “How To Create Iconic Character-Driven Costumes”

American costume designer with 3 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards has been best known for her 10 year run on the hit show Friends. Two years after the end of the Friends Debra started to work for other very successfull TV show – Heroes (2006-2010).  Following Heroes, Debra designed costumes for other television shows as Starter Wife, Speechless or New Girl. Except her work for TV, Debra has created many looks for various films as Orange County (2002), Just Married (2003), The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), Ted (2011).She recently completed Sonic (The Hedgehog), starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey which will Premiere February 2020. She still also works for various theatre projects including Phil Spector (starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren), nominated for 11 Emmy’s and in which she was nominated for Best Costume Design.

“I was invited to give a Master Class at the 2022 Visegrad Film Forum, in Bratislava. The experience exceeded all of my expectations. The festival organizers made sure that I had everything I needed to teach effectively and enjoy my time in their lovely city. Bratislava is a city with good people and good vibes. The people I met, students and professionals, were intelligent, curious and creative. They all took great pride in their city which is on its way to becoming a tremendous cultural center. The festival was well organized; people working hard to make things appear seamless. The kindness, intelligence and warmth made each day meaningful. I was supported in every way. I do hope to be invited back!”