Eddy Joseph “Creating the Atmosphere of Film”

Eddy Joseph is the Bafta-winning sound editor from Northern Ireland, who has worked on more than 70 titles. He is best known for his work on Casino Royale (2006), United 93 (2006), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), Batman (1989) or iconic musical film directed by Alan Parker Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) and many more.

In the end of 80s, Eddy worked as the sound editor of Tim Burton´s Batman. They collaborated on two other projects in 2005 – Charlie and Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride. In 2001, Eddy worked on the first part of the cult film series based on the eponymous novels – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. After Harry Potter, he cooperated with Anthony Minghella on his film Cold Mountain; with Paul Greengrass on the movie United 93, in the center of which are hijacked planes on September 11th, 2001 – Eddy Joseph was nominated for BAFTA award for both of the before mentioned films. Eddy Joseph won his second BAFTA award for Best Sound for Casino Royale. He also worked on the next James Bond film – Quantum of Solace – which he got other BAFTA nomination for in 2008. Currently he works as a sound consultant for various projects.

My experience of VFF 2022 was overwhelming. From the organisational skills of Jakub and Karolina to get me to Bratislava to the companionship of Adela who entertained and corralled me so that I was always where I needed to be and who made sure that I was fed and watered I have nothing but admiration and gratitude. The technical staff and front of desk at Kino Lumiere were excellent.  Bratislava itself was a great joy from the architecture to the food and wine. In addition to my own experience I was lucky to meet and enjoy films by directors who I would not normally have had the opportunity to meet. All in all VFF has renewed my passion for film and affirmed my opinion of kind people. Thank you all at VFF.