Eszterházy Károly University is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of Hungary, which provides intensive research opportunities, talent management and quality education for future professionals in a friendly atmosphere and unique cultural environment.

The institution is proud of its past: due to the efforts of Bishop Károly Eszterházy, one of the oldest facilities in Hungary serving higher educational purposes was established in Eger in the second half of 18th century.

Nowadays, Eszterházy Károly University serves its students with a wide variety of educational programmes at four campuses located in four cities of the region. In addition to the traditional fields of arts, sciences and humanities, such as pedagogy, natural sciences, creative arts and humanities, school provide undergraduate and graduate programmes and trainings in fields that meet new demands for expertise, while also creating pathways to individual success and fulfilment. Its goal is to provide state of the art knowledge to enable our students to meet today’s labour market needs successfully. The research and knowledge centres under the Eszterházy banner facilitate academically engaging scientific research as well as practical needs of various organizations and companies of the region.

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