Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), situated in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, stands as a venerable institution with roots dating back to 1635. Recognized for its academic excellence and commitment to fostering knowledge across diverse disciplines, ELTE attracts students from around the world. Within many of its faculties, the Department of Film studies serves as an important part for those passionate about the art and cinema.

The Film department at ELTE offers a comprehensive range of programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Students have the option to specialize in either Filmmaking or Film Theory. Whether immersed in the practical aspects of filmmaking or delving into the theoretical realm of film studies, each student benefits from personalized mentorship, ensuring a focused and enriching educational experience tailored to their chosen specialization.

Students engaging in film studies delve into a multifaceted curriculum that encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of cinema, media, and cultural studies. The faculty, comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals, contributes to the academic vitality of the department, offering expertise in various facets of film and media.

ELTE has established partnerships with local film festivals, production companies, and cultural institutions, allowing students to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in the dynamic field of filmmaking.

The Bath / A fürdés
2022, Hungary, 12 min 22 s
Director: Dániel Nagy
Cinematography: Bertalan Bella
Editing: Dániel Nagy
Sound: Petra Kissik
Cast: Bokor Mira, Lendvai Bálint, Szabó Sipos Tamás, Bokor Mira
Production: Claudia Sümeghy, Tamás Yvan Topolánszky
Set on a lazy, lukewarm summer afternoon, the story of a young but jaded Feri and a
disintegrating group of friends in a lakeside holiday village.

The End Of History / A történelem vége
2023, Hungary, 13 min
Director: Nándor Csókás
Cinematography: Mátyás Szuromi
Editing: Nándor Csókás
Sound: Bence Prijatelj
Cast: Roland Rába, Tibor Gáspár, Éva Naszlady, Janka Veszelovszki
A middle-aged history teacher who takes care of his dying father, sees a dream in
which he himself appears as Beria and his dying father appears as Stalin.

Hunger / Éhség
2023, Hungary, 13 min
Director: Tibor Albert Kapás
Cinematography: Máté Papp
Editing: Doraya Bouandel, Luca Bonta
Sound: Zsolt László Kiss
Production: Anna Sípos, György Blaskó
Cast: Ádám Porogi, Mária Kőszegi
Tenger and Aida, a 30-something couple, return home in a rather bitter mood after a
disastrous vacation. The music playing on the radio reminds Tenger of a
mischievous childhood memory of stealing some bread from a small bakery with his
friend. Aida decides that for Tenger to rediscover himself, he needs to steal
something once again, but this time with her. The short film is based on the short
story ‘The Second Bakery Attack’ by Haruki Murakami.

Hunters / Rókavadászat
2023, Hungary, 11 min
Director: Lili Dorottya Sándor
Cinematography: Csaba Bántó
Editing: Dániel Kőváry
Sound: Dávid Kovács
Production: Márton Berecz
Cast: Péter Palásthy, Dániel Tamás Tereczi, Kinga Szina, György Varga, Gyöngyi
Szabó, Gábor Ferenczi, Balázs Galkó, Tibor Kapás
Looking for a way out of the city's isolation, Little Boy sets off with his friend Lacika to
blow up foxes. The mission: find the foxholes and blow them up with dynamite.
Reality soon catches up with them.