VFF 2018 - Day 2


Transforming words into pictures

Guest speaker: Slawomir Idziak

"Academic education is important but not only. We have to use technology wisely."

During his presentation Idziak focused on the "New model of film production" topic. He talked about the Cinebus project, a mobile film studio for young filmmakers. If you want toknow more about it, click here.

"You have to rediscovered your story."

As a way to improve your film, Idziak advice is to take a short break during shooting. Thiswill allow to rethink the film structure and if necessary, make some changes. According to Idziak, a fresh perspective will be beneficial for the project even at the cost of a fewadditional working days.

During his career Idziak worked on over 70 movies in 40 different countries. He has workedon a big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, as well as small national productions. In his opinionevery filmmaker should be prepared that the future of cinema is connected with newtechnologies.


WRiTV Katowice and LMTA Vilnus

This year school encounters started with screenings from Poland and Lithuania. Students talked about their schools and national film industry situation.