VFF 2018 - Day 5


Hidden Power of the Film

Guest speaker: Mick Audsley  

"The biggest goal in any form of film editing is to create a senses of anticipation and creating the sense of you and the audience, of me and the audience to what you to know what happened next. There is no bigger weapon that you can have."

Editing is a crucial part of filmmaking process. Editors of high budget blockbuster productions usually are a part of production from the very early stages.

Mick Audsley talked about a process of checking and choosing film materials. He compared an analogical editing to nowadays digital era. He advice on how to manage huge amount of materials and also how his work looks like in connection to special effects. Audsley showed examples from his movies such as: My beautiful laundrette, Interview with vampire and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

During the second part of Q&A, which took place after the screening of Twelve Monkeys by Terry Gilliam, we got the chance to discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movie right after the screening.

On that note the 7th edition of Visegrad Film Forum have ended. Koło Naukowe Filmoznawców Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego would like to thank the VFF team for hosting us again this year. We really enjoyed our time in Bratislava. Dziękujemy!



Zuzanna Woźniak & Justyna Szaferska

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