VFF 2018 - Day 4


Enhancing With The Elements

Guest speaker: Eggert Ketilsson

"We really get to face the reality, gave the audience as real feeling as possible"

Eggert Ketilsson talked about his work during two Christopher Nolan’s movies: Interstellar and Dunkirk. He shared some details about location scouting process and some of the problems that had occurred during the shooting. He described the preparation process for working on this projects. Ketilsson spoke about differences between functions such as art director and set designer, which are rather unknown in European film production industry.


Opening the Reality

Guest speaker: Marcel Łoziński

"Reality is more interesting than my imagination."

During Łoziński’s masterclass we watched some of his short films. Then director talked a little bit about behind the scenes of his productions. He shared some interesting facts and inspirations which motivated him to choose this topics. Łoziński made some films with help from his youngest son Tomasz, director shared some stories about working with child on set as well as a family member. Overall Łoziński’s advice was to be patient, every documentary film director needs to be observant and prepared for unpredictable obstacles which could change the course of whole project.

"In documentary film you can Get gifts from God or as I call them gifts from Reality."

Zuzanna Woźniak & Justyna Szaferska

Koło Naukowe Filmoznawców Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego