VFF 2018 - Day 3


New Voice in European Cinema

Guest speaker: Joan Chemla

According to Joan Chemla, the main problem of young filmmakers is money and pressure of time. Sometimes there is no time and space for extra thoughts or changes. Everything goes so quickly that at the end of shooting you are exhausted and confused.

According to Joan, movie making and its promotion is hard and stressful process. It requires a lot of persistence and tenacity especially from young filmmakers. It's a never-ending fight with the system about their own ideas. Film schools is a perfect place for networking which will be beneficial in your future career.

Shaping the Mood of a Scene

Guest speaker: Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz

This Masterclass was dedicated to the role of music in the movies. Komasa talked about his priorities in the process of creating it. Music has a major impact on film even when it isn’t noticed. The difference in perception of picture with different music was presented on fragments from “Spoor” by Agnieszka Holland. He gave some advice about cooperating between music composer and director or editor and he emphasized how a mutual trust is important in these relations. Music can change a movie into a completely different story. That’s way you should be careful with using sound and music.


Justyna Szaferska & Zuzanna Woźniak & Katarzyna Andrzejczak

Koło Naukowe Filmoznawców Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego