All models are wrong, some are useful!


Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference/Theorizing Screenwriting Practice Workshop, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, November 2012

However, let’s face it. Only some of the speakers and presentation made it. It´s conference, not everyone has to be good. Inside the handsomely looking conference hall inside the Masaryk University many things were told. And allow me to something about the hosting city. It´s awesome. This is the second time I been there and the place looks even better than it did before.

I especially want to point out presentation about screenwriting in a digital
age didn´t have much to into the detail, but I´m glad the speaker - Adam Ganz at least managed to point out problems in the modern and about the human fascination with internet. And with the videogames. As he pointed out writing videogames id different. Too bad he didn’t tell us how different. Look for the audience. That was the lesson from Steven Price as he offered his insight into the world of the characters. Was really Tippy Hedren visit in the city that caused the madness of the birds? Well maybe wasn’t, but as mention – it really was her fault. Is she wasn’t there, nothing would have happened. You know the film Hostel? There was this guy from Austria, Drehli Robnik who made me watch it again. He presented some very intriguing interpretation – From USA with love the reflection of their own desires.

However, after two days of listening to British English, or many different shades of English accents there was one place everyone kept looking at - coffee table. And sometimes your eyes wandered to the door, searching for the Ryan Gosling look-a-like who was supposed to bring the snack. And when he did everyone eyes has lit up in joy. So in the end, tea was good, coffee was good, but still there wasn’t enough bread rolls.

However since this is not about the food.

It’s about writing. To each their own. Enjoy screenwriting the way you like.


Vladana Hrivnakova


Vladana Hrivnakova
is an aspiring hybrid of a writer/screenwriter and journalists. She is known for her passion for reading, living or creating stories that are constantly haunting her head. She has a knack for black humour, really enjoys talking about Buster Keaton films or about bizarre aspects of an Asian cinema. Her current greatest wish is to be the first east-European to write Doctor Who episode and she still wishes to work and write for Bioware.