The Selection Is Not about the Hard and Sad Dramas Set in Rural Poland


Polish Festival Short Waves Is Coming to Bratislava

Marcin Luzcaj
Marcin Luzcaj

Marcin, how does it come up with the idea of a Short Waves tour?

We started to work with Future Shorts to promote international shorts many years ago what helped us to develop partners network in Poland. We decided to promote national shorts domestically and then we try to reach foreign partners as well. So now every day we have like based festival in Poznan with several short films and music events. Competition screening are judged by audience at over 30 screenings in Poland and in 12 European cities, including your lovely Bratislava.


What challenges are short films facing in your country?

Well... we still don’t have any proper distribution system for short films here, but we are trying to do monthly tours with international shorts in Polish cinemas and art galleries. But from filmmakers side I guess main problem is still promotion and festival strategies, no one teach them about distribution, festival circuit, grants. So once they leave film school they really enter the "Wild Wild West". It’s getting better slowly but surely. There are more organization that help filmmakers with promotion, with their films after graduation and before feature debuts.

How can you depict the selected films?

We might say it’s pretty symmetrical programme – including most of film styles and genres: fiction, documentary, experimental, music video, animation shorts. We annually trying to curate programme to not only cover audience’s expectation from "Polish" films, but we would love to share as well a music videos market which is kind of strong here or show experimental films. So the selection is not about the hard and sad dramas set in rural Poland.


Where do you see the future of (Polish) short films in the era of rising digital and social media platforms?
I guess it same like with international shorts. I wish them to reach an amazing short film market, which some already did. Short filmmakers have recently started to taking care about PR, proper websites, press kits, some of them have sales or promo agencies. I’d love to see it more in VOD or in-flight entertainment. I am having my finger crossed for that!