Jesuit Film School Cairo (Egypt) and FAMO Pisek (Czech Republic)


During the second studens’ film screening we watched films from Jesuit Film School Cairo (Egypt) and FAMO Pisek (Czech Republic). This time the difference in genres, topics, quality etc. was even bigger than the day before.

We watched three films from the Jesuit Film School Cairo, two of which were documentaries recorded on mobile phones about authors’ families: About Reconsidering My Feeling Towards My Home by Ahmed El Shebiny and On The Back of a Photo by Reda Ali. The Jesuit Film School Cairo also presented one short fiction, Just Like Sugar by Nada Rezq. As we learnt during the afterwards discussion the films were graduation projects for all three directors.  However, the school is just a one year course and only one of the directors is now working in the film industry in Egypt. Although the two documentaries were shot with the use of mobile phones, they represented an interesting approach to the discussed topic, they were minimalistic in form but rich in content. 

Especially in the case of the movie About Reconsidering My Feeling Towards My Home the author needed to deal with the reluctance of his family to be showed in the film. I think that using images of the outside street shot from the perspective of the family house window to show the connection between outside world and the inside home is a brilliant idea. During the discussion the audience had the opportunity of using the app to ask some questions. One of them was especially interesting as it touched the topic of the role of women in the Egyptian film industry. Nada Rezq said that generally speaking the situation of women in Egypt is, to put it euphemistically, not the best, so the film industry is no different. However, Nada’s situation shows that there is a place for women in this field and getting ahead is just very difficult and needs a lot of commitment. 



The second school whose films were screened this time was FAMO Pisek from Czech Republic. They presented four films, two comedy short fiction, an experimental and an animation. It was obvious that they had big budgets, as well as advanced equipment. The two comedy shorts, Actor by Filip Oberfalcer and Benny by Michal Hruska, were well-written, witty and made the audience laugh quite a lot. Both films are the final projects for the second year of school. On the other hand An Autistic Girl by Markus Krug is an experiment which was just an exercise. Toro by Polina Kazakova is an interesting short animation, done in a minimalistic way, which tells the story of two people rushing for a bus to watch Spanish Corrida.

FAMO is a private film school which offers five year courses, as a typical film school does. In this case the comparison between these two schools is rather impossible due to the differences in the way of functioning as well as the equipment, and budgets for the films. Despite such huge differences both schools presented interesting films and showed what kind of topics are important to their students.  


© Zuza Woźniak