First glimpse into Bratislava's Visegrad Film Forum 2017


Today was the opening day of the forum’s sixth edition and the first day of the VFF ever for the Students’ Film Club of the University of Łódź.

During this edition the Polish team will be providing daily coverage of the event’s proceedings or, in other words, we will offer our students’ perspective on all masterclasses, case studies and school encounters. We are also looking forward to interviewing the guest speakers of this year’s Visegrad Film Forum.

The programme opened with the director’s cut screening of Never Ending Story (1984) and a case study with a special effects production legend behind this film, Colin Arthur. He was responsible for the development and the production of fantastic creatures in the Wolfgang Petersen’s movie. 

This event, as expected, attracted a big audience. After the movie’s projection, the participants gathered in the screening room were able to engage in the Q&A with the guest. Most of them concerned the film in question. Not only did Colin Arthur answer them, he had also presented true to size models and pieces of the creatures from the movie set: the face of the Stone Biter, the Racing Snail’s eye, Falkor’s scale as well as the figurine of a dog’s head which - along with the real-life Irish setter that once belonged to Arthur -  was an inspiration for the character of Falkor the Luckdragon, probably the most recognizable character from the bestiary of Neverending Story. His anecdotes from the movie set brought a lot of laughter from the students and the press, and he clearly and very quickly won everybody’s hearts. 

 If you happened to miss the Tuesday’s meeting with the artist, you will still have an opportunity to listen to his many amazing and hilarious stories (which he has in abundance) — Colin Artur will be conducting a masterclass on creating characters and special effects’ solutions later this week, Thursday at 10:30.


©  Magdalena Popłońska & Justyna Szaferska