Hungarian production designer László Rajk dies at 70

With deep sadness we have to inform that our guest speaker of 2016's edition of VFF - László Rajk - dies at the age of 70. Hungarian production designer who worked with Béla Tarr or Laszló Nemes, passed after a sever illness.



László Rajk was a practicing architect, a production designer and a professor at SZFE in Budapest, also known as a former dissident and a human rights activist. Since 1972, he worked as a production designer on several Hungarian and international projects, including The Man from London, The Turin Horse, Mirage, Son of Saul, Sunset as well as Ridley Scott´s The Martian.


In 2016 he held at VFF not only master class and case study of Son of Saul but also a special 2-day long lecture entitled “Virtual or real? - The questions of film architecture nowadays” for 25 participants who had a unique opportunity to learn about the importance of set design, mostly what are the differences of work with “real” sets and behind the green screen.