A journey into the world with eyes and mind wide open.

Case study of this unique film based on Michael Glawogger’s ideas and footage which Monika Willi has made by her own style that attempts as intuitively as possible to follow the concept of serendipity.  


I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding without aim. Drifting with no direction except one’s own curiosity and intuition.

Michael Glawogger



More than two years after the sudden death of Michael Glawogger in April 2014, film editor Monika Willi realizes a film out of the film footage produced during 4 months and 19 days of shooting in the Balkans, Italy, Northwest and West Africa. A journey into the world with eyes and mind wide open –observing, listening, experiencing. Serendipity is the concept – in shooting as well as in editing the film.



Directed by: Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
Cinematography: Attila Boa
Edited by: Monika Willi
Music: Wolfgang Mitterer  

105 minutes