A City Under One Roof.

Most Israelis pass through the central bus station in south Tel Aviv as fast as they can. Award winning documentary feature is a fascinating story of a building of central bus station in Tel Aviv. Case study of the film with the director Tomáš Elšík and the main character - Yonathan Mishal an artist and activist who explores hidden urban subculture at central bus station.  


In the film we combinate like a six type of cameras also forty-five millimeters, 60 millimeters footage and Red cameras and everything and um, all of this equipment it’s take a little time to work with it. And the other crucial thing was the cooperating with the characters because sometimes they are, they are illegal in Israel, most of them, almost all of them and they were very scared so sometimes they have different points of view for the feeling of time. So if they say “Okay, we will be there at 12”, they will come like six hour later and we will because we didn’t have a contact for them and we just, we just ask if they have a time maybe yes, maybe no time. We spend almost half of the shooting just waiting for the characters and for the situation.

Tomáš Elšík




Central Bus Station is one of the biggest and at the same time, one of the most bizarre stations in the world. Its architect's visionary plans for a building that will engulf its visitors turned into an endless maze of corridors. The gift for Tel Aviv’s citizens now serves as a haven for refugees from all over the world. Yonatan has been guiding people through for 17 years already, showing people, who follow, the dark side of the station. He discovers communities in places that were supposed to stay hidden. These communities are overseeing their traditions and values and they want to defend their new home. This way, the building reflects a world of the society outside its walls.



Directed by: Tomáš Elšík
Script: Tomás Elšík, Kristina Nedvědová
Cinematography by: Ondřej Belica, Tomáš Elšík
Music: Dominik Dolejší, Simeon Hudec
Edited by: Mariana Kozáková, Tomáš Elšík 

78 minutes