VFF meets MFFK Febiofest

This year, the international educational film festival Visegrad Film Forum (19-23 March) and the International Film Clubs Festival Febiofest  (20-26 March) will take place almost at the same time, which will allow some of their program to overlap and their guests to visit both festivals.

About the International Film Clubs Festival Febiofest  

The Febiofest International Film Festival (March 20-26) will provide the audience with a rich and preciselyprepared program, composed of domestic and foreign cinematography for the 26 th time. In addition to exclusive film premieres, there will also be the vocational Industry program, a short film competition, and asection focused on the children and high school student viewers. The festival will present films of national cinematography and its basic idea will once again be the support and development of cinematography. You can find more information at www.febiofest.sk or lostakova@febiofest.sk



What does this mean for guests who purchased accreditation at the Visegrad Film Forum?


ACCREDITATION / STUDENT ACCREDITATION allows its holders to enter the selected IFCF Febiofest program for FREE. This program will be marked with the Visegrad Film Forum icon. If you are interested in a joint program, you need to pick up a zero ticket at the cash register. You are not entitled to enter with just the proof of VFF accreditation alone. This will mainly include Sergei Loznica´s films and short films from the competition V strede Európy (In the center of Europe).


ACCREDITATION / STUDENT ACCREDITATION allows its holders to buy accreditations or one-time tickets for the next IFCF Febiofest program with 50% discount (except for the projection with live music at Café Berlinka).


The GUEST accreditation has free entry to the entire MFFK Febiofest program.


The PRESS accreditation must be accredited separately for both events.


The STAFF accreditation has no free entry or discount for any part of MFFK Febiofest.


Free entry and discount for the MFFK Febiofest program does not apply to VŠMU students. They will have separate accreditation to the Visegrad Film Forum marked VŠMU student.