WRiTv Katowice & LMTA Vilnius


Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television was created in 1978. In 2001, by the decision of the Senate of the University of Silesia, it was named after Krzysztof Kieślowski. The Faculty is an organizational unit of the University of Silesia educating in particular in the field of art and artistic disciplines. Faculty of Radio and Television employs the staff with the highest artistic and scientific achievements. The structure of the Faculty includes three schools, where teaching activities associated with the offered courses and the artistic and scientific activity are carried out.




The Convict's Last Cigarette

2016, Poland, fiction, 5 min

Director: Katarzyna Hordowicz

An interpretation of The Convict's Last Cigarette, a painting by Stanisław Ignacy Witkewicz. A man wakes from his slumber. Slowly he regains consciousness, becoming aware of his surroundings and reality. He tries to slip away unseen.



Sleepless from Delft

2016, Poland, fiction, 3 min

Director: Gabriela Federowicz

An exhausted maid secretly treats herself to some wine. Time slows down.



La Repasseuse

2016, Poland, fiction, 3 min

Director: Jan Barszczewski

A laundry girl gets distracted while performing her daily duties.




2016, Poland, fiction, 2 min

Director: Antoni Grałek

An incomplete awakening in the American canteen.





2016, Poland, fiction, 17 min

Director: Klaudia Kęska

Cinematography: Jan Barszczewski

Film directing student Michael Chmielewski is tasked with recreating the final scene from The Godfather. Instead of hiring professional actors, he sets up a casting call at the local orphanage in Katowice, Poland.




2016, Poland, fiction, 3 min

Director: Marcin Lesisz

Script: Marcin Lesisz, Piotr Gacek, Magdalena Gonera

Cinematography: Marcin Lesisz

A fictional short film shot on 35 mm film stock. The film was a first year exercise at the Cinematography department of the Radio and Television School in Katowice. It tells the story of a blacksmith in a picturesque way.



Goran The Camel Man

2016, Poland, documentary, 3 min

Director: Marcin Lesisz

Script: Edyta Zajdlic, Marcin Lesisz

Cinematography: Marcin Lesisz

Editing: Edyta Zajdlic

Goran the Camel Man – a short documentary film about the ordinary life of an extraordinary wanderer. Goran, or Roland Charles, is a Swiss who travels around his gipsy caravan together with his dogs, goats and camel following the route of the legendary Silk Road. For almost 30 years he has been living his dream. He has traversed Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Italy, France and more. The film was shot in Georgia and presents a fragment of his unusual life.



La sortie

2016, Poland, fiction, 7 min

Director: Antoni Antoine Gruner

Script: Edyta Zajdlic, Marcin Lesisz

Cinematography: Antoni Antoine Gruner

Editing: Edyta Zajdlic

Production: Antoni Gruner, hole films

Cast: Katarzyna Gajowniczek, Paulina Anna Janik

Short film made for the needs of the artistic event at the WRiTV Department:" The Project B1B ", the story about a special place.... (farewell/ leaving the old building of the Radio and TV Department of the Silesian University at the Bytkowska Street, No. 1b ). "Something new" appears that should have the releasing character -but it evokes sorrow, nostalgia. A place that was the "witness" of many events, experiences; where many a great man of Polish film got his education, is dying out slowly. Hesitating between fantasy and reality, in order the place could stay as present in its absence.




2016, Poland, fiction, 10 min

Director: Karolina Kłapkowska

Cinematography: Karolina Kłapkowska

Badylok is a sixteen-year-old boy who shares his life with his mother, grandmother, and sister. They live in a house isolated by water from the rest of the world. Badylok secretly creates a flying machine that will help him to flee the house. Will he finally decide to rise into the air? Short student film. The narrative voice in the film speaks in the characteristic Upper Silesian dialect. This dialect is also reflected in the English subtitles.




Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) is an internationally recognized higher education institution, which trains artists for a professional career in music, theatre, dance, and film. Specializing in art education, the Academy also offers the didactics of music disciplines, art management and art research studies, which combined with artistic and creative practice make the Academy’s profile distinguished.




Free writing/ Laisvasis rašymas

2017, Lithuania, fiction, 22 min

Director: Jokūbas Lapinskas

Cinematography: Ugnius Tuleikis

Editing: Jokūbas Lapinskas

Sound: Sigitas Kondratas

Production: LMTA

Cast: Ugnė Šiaučiūnaitė, Silva Krivickinė, Džiugas Gvozdzinskas

Janina, a 50 something widow, literature professor finds out that her daughter's academic career is ruined by an unexpected pregnancy. 



The Last Day/ Paskutine Diena

2017, Lithuania, fiction, 24 min

Director: Kiaudija Matvejevaite

Cinematography: Odeta Riskute

Editing: Urte Askeloviciute

Sound: Paulius lvanauskas

Production: LMTA

Cast: Inga Maškarina, Vidmantas Fijalkauskas, Kasparas Varanavičius, Roberta Sirgedait

How would you feel if you knew your exact data of death? A time comes when every person in the world can find it out. Beloglazovai family - Kolia, Lena, their daughter Sonia and teenage son Igor live in an old house in Vilnius. Today is the day when fourteen-year-old lgoris must die. All family members know that and in their own way are trying to deal with this burdensome waiting.