SZFE Budapest & OAMK Oulu

SZFE Budapest

The Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest or SZFE is a university founded in 1865 in Budapest, Hungary. It is the only one of its kind in Hungary. On the 1st of January 2000 the institution was given the statute of University. SZFE is the only institution Offering Bachelor´s and Master´s studies for future creative to the future creative artists of theatre, film and television in seven departments.





2017, Hungary, documentary, 19 min

Director: Máté Bartha

Cinematography: Máté Bartha, Máté Kőrösi

Editing: Máté Bartha

Vanessza, the young roma girl is getting prepared for the chance of her lifetime, a presigeous boxing-tournament. The road is long from the small countryside gym to the tournament, but with the help of her trainer, they may be able to go against all odds.



Earthly People/Földiek

2017, Hungary, fiction, 27 min

Director: Ádám Freund

Cinematography: Ákos Gyuricza

Editing: Zsófia Érdi

Sound: Bálint Zándoki

Production: Zoltán Mártonffy

Cast: Zoltán Cservák, Anna Györgyi, Vivien Rujder, Áron Dimény

Ábel, 12, has to face the fact that his parents are living in two completely different galaxies of the universe. Now he has to decide which one he belongs to.




Oulu University of Applied Sciences or OAMK Oulu is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland with approximately 8,500 students, including around 240 international degree students. OAMK has a total of 28 Bachelor's degree programmes, of which three are taught in English. OMAK is a strong and multidisciplinary university. Studies at Oulu UAS are working life oriented combining theoretical studies with professional skills.





2013, Finland, animation, 8 min

Director: Erkki Rämet

Script: Erkki Rämet

Cinematography: Marko Sellman

Editing: Erkki Rämet

Sound: Erkki Rämet & Marko Sellman

Animation: Erkki Rämet

Production: Erkki Rämet

Wax animation Homing is a course work produced in the OUAS’s Communications Degree Program in 2013.



Christmas Dinner

2017, Finland, fiction, 17 min

Director: Lucía Casañ Rodríguez

Cinematography: Nacho Milán García

Editing: Lucía Casañ Rodríguez

Sound: Aktolkin Badzhanova

Production: Shakila Bodí Gisbert

Cast: Vilma Kaikkonen, Akseli Wiik, Taika Ranta, Terttu Kuusela, Riku Määttä, Markku Heikkinen, Päivi Niiranen, Kari Tuhkanen

Everyone likes Christmas but, Christmas dinners are never as planned. One family, one dinner and four different points of view for the same celebration. How would each character perceive the Christmas dinner? In fact, how would you perceive it?




2016, Finland, animation, 1 min

Director: Erkki Rämet

Script: Erkki Rämet

Cinematography: Erkki Rämet

Editing: Erkki Rämet

Sound: Jussi Tuohino

Animation: Erkki Rämet

Production: Erkki Rämet

Jaywalk is a vector graphic animation about a boy who gets caught up in a middle of traffic because of jaywalking, and a girl who confronts him during an in-car driving lesson. Only the teaser video is shown.



The Measure of Beauty/ Kauneuden mitta

2016, Finland, documentary, 11 min

Director: Tiia Ung

Cinematography: Saara Heiskanen, Tiia Ung

Editing: Saara Heiskanen

Sound: Aleksi Kari

Production: Tiia Ung, Saara Heiskanen

The Measure of Beauty is a short documentary of 16-year-old Karita from Jyväskylä, who has learned to see her own beauty even though she looks different from others. The documentary tells Karita’s story not only with her words but even more with visually beautiful scenes.



Laundry App

2016, Finland, animation, 2 min

Director: Jenna Kemilä

Script: Jenna Kemilä

Editing: Jenna Kemilä

Sound: Jenna Kemilä

Animation: Jenna Kemilä

Production: Jenna Kemilä

Animated demo video for an imaginary laundry app consept.



Non-Special Days in Life

2014, Finland, animation, 1 min

Animation: Niina Luomajoki, Ella Kukkola, Jonna Koskelo

Production: Niina Luomajoki

Growing up story about the little worrires and hardships of everyday life. The main character is a introverted, quiet young man, who lives in a small student apartment. His life is disturbed by small creatures that symbolise haste, stress and other troubles. Even as the main character tries to fight these creatures, eventually he learns that they are a part of life.



Syna - Forever

2009, Finland, animation, 4 min

Director: Ammi Nukarinen

Animation: Mikko Kuusirati, Maura Manninen

Production: Sari Mustonen

An animated music video for the song "Forever" by Syna.




2013, Finland, documentary, 1 min

Director: Manon Snœren

Cinematography: Manon Snœren & Anni Kestilä

Editing: Manon Snœren & Anni Kestilä

Sound: Rabat Kulahmet

Production: Manon Snœren & Anni Kestilä

In Finland humans, wolves and dogs have been living close to each other. Over the years a new breed was developed: the wolfdog. They are part wolf, part dog. It´s a breed that causes a lot of discussions. There is criticism on owning that kind of ´wild´ breed. The wolf part in the dog scares people while others see it as a special feature. Some people claim that wolfdogs are dangerous and terrifying. Others love to keep them as a pet and are a fan of the intelligence and characteristic appearance. But, is a wolfdog really as dangerous as it looks or is it just a sheep in wolf´s clothes? Only the trailer of the film will be shown.