Visual Dramaturgy Workshop with Slawomir Idziak

Dates: April 17-21, 2018

Venue: Film and TV Faculty, VSMU Bratislava




Main subject of workshop is camera and dramaturgy,  but in practical way during one week of work, participants with Slawomir Idziak try to reconstruct process of transforming the words into the pictures (without camera and any technique) of one of Idziak´s movies considering all aspects of such work: THREE COLOURS: BLUE


The workshop is devoted to directors and cameraman’s together it should be no more than 15 participants for 5 days seminar. Proportion between professions is not important.

Before attending the seminar all the participants should read the script and prepare as would-to-be potential directors and cinematographers of the movie. The better they would be prepared the better seminar they will get. (All the participants will get the script before the workshop). 

During 5-day long practical exercises, participants re-create with actors the same screenplay from the very beginning, trying to avoid making a replica of the already made film, but instead creating an original work based on a different message(premise), and narrated in an entirely different style.

First day of workshop participants will have a general introduction to our program and all day long participants will discuss the script, from the structure and camera point of view.

-discussion about the script from the structure and camera point of view

-analyse of various working models and the necessity of including in this work phase all those who will influence the final shape of the film

Starting from day 2, participants will stage (with actors) the most important scenes of our film. Important is to mention, that participants will block the scenes without camera and any technique. 

- staging most of the important scenes from the film (comparison of scenes of already made film)

- underlining the polyphony of cinematographic creation, i.e. the organisational side in the director’s everyday work

- focus on main theme visual dramaturgy

- analyse the models of controlling our work (Risk Management)

- enabling participants to learn their own tendencies and weaknesses

This method of making an abridged film, without a camera and technique, enables participants to learn their own tendencies and weaknesses. When working with others, they can notice how often an individual idea is crippled, and how often the creative partner, through adding his own ideas; can add a much greater significance to something unfinished.

Idziak has a great experience in educating young filmmakers. Apart form being a visiting professor at many European film schools and universities, for the last 13 years he has been a Programme Director and lecturer at Film Spring Workshop, an annual 10-day professional training for emerging artists from the audio-visual sector.

Film Spring Workshop’s educational formula is based on learning through working as well as on modern approach to film making. The latter is particularly visible in the new Film Production Model which is taught and advocated by Idziak. The model takes into account recent technological advances and adapts them to increase the efficiency of film production, in other words, allows for making better films using smaller budgets.  

The Visual Dramaturgy Workshop will contain some of the elements promoted by the new Film Production Model such as risk management through various models of controlling the process of creation, the distributed authorship and organisational side od director's work as well as teaching filmmakers how to recognize their predispositions and weaknesses.  

An outline of the concept of The new Film Production Model which is being implemented in Cinebus at the Film Spring Open Workshop can be found in a recently published essay “HOW TO MAKE FILMS CHEAPER AND BETTER” by Sławomir Idziak.


“Great artists control what they do, listen to their partners, are critical of their own vision and ready to change it at any time” - says Sławomir Idziak and this idea may be a guiding motto for the workshop's participants.


Duration: 5 days 

Dates: 17th of April to 21st of April 2018

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Price: 300 Eur / 250 Eur - students and members od Association of Slovak Cinematographers

Maximum number of participants: 15

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Until when I can apply?

The call for applicantions will close on the 16th March 2018

How can I apply?

The number of places is limited. To make the application, you need to fill this link and send us your portfolio and a motivation letter. We will let know the decision on the 19th March 2018

How much does it cost?

The workshop costs 300 Eur (250 Eur for students). 

What payment options do you accept?

The payment must be done by PayPal. If you don´t have an access to PayPal, please, contact us to and we will give you our bank details, so you can do the payment by bank transfer.

How long will be the workshop?

The all-day workshop will occur from the 17th of April to 21st of April 2018. 

Where we can find accommodation?

VFF organizers will help you finding the best accommodation option.

What I can do if I have already bought the accreditation? 

Please, contact 

What I can do if I am student FTF VSMU which is co-organizer of VFF? 

Please, contact to further information about the possibilities of attending the workshop. 

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