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21 min

It is a story of the inventor and his opus, and then a fateful attempt to affect an autonomous personality.

Director: Piotr Dylewski

Script: Piotr Dylewski

Cinematography: Patryk Kin

Editor: Tomasz Mączka

Sound: Łukasz Zięba

Music: Maciej Muraszko

Cast: Aleksandra Hamkało, Marek Bukowski




9 min

There is a place and time when child’s imagination takes control over reality. Film tells a story about a meeting of two children during vacations in beautiful landscapes of Polish countryside. Every child is hiding inside smaller and bigger mysteries, and decides to show them only to chosen persons in the world.

Director: Martyna Jakimowska, Karol Lindholm 

Script: Martyna Jakimowska 

Cinematography: Martyna Jakimowska 

Editing: Cezary Grzesiuk Jr.

Sound: Kajetan Zakrzewski

Music: Tomasz Gąssowski

Cast: Mateusz Żelaźnicki, Natalia Ampulska, Krzysztof Aneszko

I’ve Got You



15 min

A couple of strangers, a hotel bar. Ann, a flight attendant, wants to forget, he wants a one night stand. That hotel night, full of ambiguities and surprising twists, might grant her a different perspective on her own life.

Director: Sebastian Drożak

Script: Sebastian Drożak

Cinematography: Konrad Wasilewski

Editing: Tomasz Mączka

Sound: Michał Truong

Music: Barbara Błaszczyk, Wojciech Dolężyczek

Cast: Monika Kwiatkowska, Mirosław Haniszewski



The Cyclops



15 min

The Cyclops is an examination of the deterioration of fraternal love, and follows 17 year old Lip as he tries to figure out how to protect himself and his mother from the older brother that used to protect him.

Director: Hugh Mulhern

Script: Hugh Mulhern, Noel Murphy

Cinematography: Matthew Rogan

Editing: Noel Murphy

Sound: Danilo Zambrano, Orlaith Darcy

Music: Diolmhain Ingram Roche

Production: Bobby Byrne, Dean Gilchrist

Cast: Sean Doyle, Dafhyd Flynn, Hilary Vesey

Joining Dots



4 min

Luna traces constellations which come alive in the night sky. She tries to show her dad, who struggles to understand her imaginary world.

Director: Foina Ryan

Script: Foina Ryan

Animation: Foina Ryan

Sound: Luke Hennessy

A Coat Made Dark



10 min

A man follows the orders of a dog to wear a mysterious coat with impossible pockets.

Director: Jack O’Shea

Script: Jack O’Shea

Animation: Paul Ruttledge, Thomas Young, Joe Loftus, Jack O’Shea

Sound: Rob Flynn

Music: Neil O’Connor

Production: Damien Byrne

A Long Shot



13 min

A couple struggling to pay the rent are tested when Larry bets on Ireland to win a football match against the world champions with Sarah's hard-earned rent money.

Director: Andrew Jordan

Script: Andrew Jordan

Cinematography: Matthew Rogan

Editing: Conor Maguire

Sound: Neil Horner

Music: Neil Horner

Production: Bobby Byrne

Cast: Mark Huberman, Séana Kerslake