KNUTCT Kiev & FTF VŠMU Bratislava


Year: 2016

Country: Ukraine

15 min 56 sec

Andrew is a student who works as a courier. One day he gets an order to the country house. He finds himself in a trap behind the armored door with no water and food. Creepy voice from the old cassette recorder predicts his death in a three days.

Director: Olha Nesvetailova

Script: Olha Nesvetailova

Cinematography: Jane Bondarenko

Editing: Olha Nesvetailova

Sound: Egor Gavrilenko

Music: Egor Gavrilenko, Oxana Zmorovych

Cast: Sergiy Volosovets, Sergiy Gutko, Tatyana Skrypnyk


Year: 2016

Country: Ukraine

9 min 18 sec

What day will She choose to come back after her death? Obviously it must be the happiest day. And She will treasure every single moment in that day.

Director: Honcharenko Liubov

Script: Honcharenko Liubov

Cinematography: Dergunov Vladlen

Editing: Honcharenko Liubov

Sound: Kipnis Arkadyi, Shoha Ivan

Music: Padina Mariya

Cast: Potemska Dariya, Doronchenko Stanislava, Shevyriov Mykhailo, Zomchak Chrystyna, Petrov Oleksyi, Marshalenko Stefaniya, Haloshyna Oleksanra, Kovalskyi Dmytro

School of the Master

Year: 2016

Country: Ukraine

10 min 12 sec

This film is about the King, the ordinary king who happened by wonder to dedicate the most of his life to the art and in spite of all the difficulties he still hopes to be heard and to be considered unique. Mykola Shmatko is a 73 year old Ukrainian sculptor. He doesn’t think he is an ordinary sculptor, but just the King and Professor. The King who had to live now in the dark and cold cellar of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi secondary school №7. Not an ordinary Kingdom I would say! By the fact of his sculptures he is the master, the other facts raise the questions. Exactly these questions you would find in the film, the answers you should reveal on your own.

Director: Khrystyna Zinchuk

Cinematography: Mykyta Kuznetsov

Sound: Svyatoslav Fedorov

About My Sister

Year: 2016

Country: Slovakia

16 min

The film About My Sister is a documentary essay about a teenage girl. It depicts the contemporary
world through vision of young, intelligent person, who /unwillingly/ decided to isolate from society.
This movie is about distance between people - and about the fear it causes.

Director: Barbora Sliepková

Script: Barbora Sliepková

Cinematography: Barbora Sliepková, Michal Fulier

Editing: Máté Csuport

Sound: Denisa Uherová

Production: Diana Švihlová

Cast: Petra Sliepková, Barbora Sliepková


Year: 2016

Country: Slovakia

8 min

Film about aggressivity, passion and misunderstanding in a relationship. Animation and visuals are inspired by naive art, deep dreams and unconscious mind.

Director: Martina Mikušová

Script: Martina Mikušová

Animation: Martina Mikušová

Sound: Adam Kuchta

Music: Samuel Hvozdík

Production: Erika Paulinská


Year: 2016

Country: Slovakia

1 min

Short animated exercise about hands. 

Director: Marek Jasaň

Script: Marek Jasaň

Animation: Marek Jasaň

Sound: Emil Esso Smoliga

Production: Tereza Svatoňová

Husband Jan with Family

Year: 2016

Country: Slovakia

20 min

A film portrait of a man conciliating with the temporariness of the old world. A Story of a family that must weld like in the old days.
Jan is forced to stay home alone with his mentally ill wife Maria and has to take care of her. But she's lost because of Jan´s fault.

Director: Pavol Čižmár

Script: Jakub Medvecký, Pavol Čižmár

Cinematography: Radka Šišuláková

Editing: Peter Sedláčik

Sound: Michal Paluga

Music: Klara

Production: Veronika Elekaničová

Cast: Ivan Romančík, Ľudmila Swanová, Ivan Martinka, Ela Lehotská