Jesuit Cairo School & FAMO Písek



About Reconsidering My Feeling Towards My Home.



13 min

A filmmaking student rediscover himself and his surrounding when he is asked to express his
feeling towards his home in a short documentary. he gets involved with what he discovers by
repeating the shooting\ editing process again and again.

Director: Ahmed El Shebiny

Script: Ahmed El Shebiny

Cinematography: Ahmed El Shebiny

Editing: Ahmed El Shebiny

Sound: Ahmed El Shebiny

Production: Ahmed El Shebiny

On The Back of a Photo



9 min 8 sec

During my childhood I used to send my father, who works abroad, messages on the back of photos which I have took with my mother . Several years later, my father rejects any attempt by me to communicate with him. I remembered the way I used to communicate with him during my childhood, and I made one new final attempt to communicate with him.

Director: Reda Ali

Script: Reda Ali

Cinematography: Reda Ali

Editing: Khaled Abozaid

Sound: Mohammed El Taweel

Music: Bobby Cole

Just Like Sugar



7 min 8 sec

During the sugar shortage crisis in the mid-80s, two nurses, Ibtesam & Afar, are getting ready
for their friend’s wedding. When Ibtesam discovers the theft of a certain object from her bag,
Afar suggests a substitute.
What was the stolen object, and what will be the substitution?

Director: Nada Rezq

Script: Nada Rezq

Cinematography: Khaled Abou Zeid

Editing: Ali Khairy

Sound: Mohammed El Taweel

Production: Ahmed El Shebiny

Cast: Doaa Eriqat, Nourhan Saleh, Jihan Fadi, Lilian Fayez, Ahmed Saleh





Czech Republic

20 min

When a man is not excepted to Actor school, the majority give up and except the fact that becoming an actor is forbidden for them. But that doesn't apply on Tomáš Klejzar, who has the endless determination. He himself says that he was born to be an actor. He starts the career of wage actor capable of playing anything and all of this for his lifelonge passion - showmanship.

Director: Filip Oberfalcer

Script: Filip Oberfalcer

Cinematography: David Škoda

Editing: Kristína Krafčíková

Sound: Jakub Zbíral

Production: Aleš Koutenský

Cast: Milan Ligač, Kryštof Brand, Tomáš Hanák, Ivana Andrlová, Radim Kalvoda 



Czech Republic

13 min

A successful young man, Benny makes good money as a hitman and he knows his way with beautiful women. But what will he do when he is assigned to murder himself? A cynical crime-comedy, this duel of words deals with twisted values and empty relationships.

Director: Michal Hruška

Script: Jakub Skála

Cinematography: Adam Špalek

Editing: Milan Freisler

Sound: Lukáš Holocsy

Music: Štěpán Janoušek

Production: Jan Řehořka

Cast: Jakub Tvrdík, Petra Hřebíčková, Marika Šoposká, Lukáš Příkazký

An Autistic Girl


Czech Republic

7 min

Autistka (translates to Autistic Girl) was created as a visual poem, focusing on symmetry (using locations and composition) and visual surprises (using sudden changes of color, pace of the action, camera movement, circular dolly to reveal other characters and a dolly zoom/vertigo effect). The autistic girl walks through several locations without showing any emotion or without blinking her eyes. The voice over guides us through her thoughts, where she compares the society to a circus show. The piece ends with a song simply titles Autistic, which was co-written by psychologists to enlighten mental issues to the public by songs on an album called Blázinec (Madhouse).

Director: Markus Krug

Script: Markus Krug

Cinematography: Markus Krug

Editing: Martin Barták

Sound: Markéta Vrabcová

Music: Robin Král, Jan Lstibůrek

Cast: Nikol Kouklová



Czech Republic

5 min

HE and SHE is a couple. They're running to catch a bus, which takes them to the Arena, where the corrida takes place. SHE has a suitcase and HE helps her to carry it. But suddenly the suitcase has cracked and all the clothes felt to the ground. SHE needs time to fix it and they miss the bus. They begin to quarrel. The corrida starts at the same time. The quarrel and the corrida intermix into one action. But when toreador wounds the bull, he wounds HER instead of the bull. And when the bull wounds toreador, he wounds HIM. The bull and the toreador transform to HE and SHE. They forgive each other and make it up.

Director: Polina Kazakova 

Script: Polina Kazakova 

Animation: Polina Kazakova 

Cinematography: Polina Kazakova 

Editing: Polina Kazakova, Alisa Teljatnikova 

Sound: Anton Tkachuk 

Production: Kateřina Černá