FDA Belgrade & EKU Eger




16 min

Quite a random set of circumstances that day lead the boy and the girl to find themselves at the same place, at the same time. Interwaving their stories of the day and the stories of their loved ones, we wonder if there is a coincidence or does it all happend for a reason? Is the future written or anyone creates it for himself?

Director: Aleksa Parezanović

Script: Galina Maksimović

Cinematography: Uroš Petrov

Editing: Aleka Parezanović

Sound: Andrej Ristevski

Music: Uroš Vukašinović

Production: Anđela Jevtović, Anđela Lazić, Vanja Lozanović, Gavrilo Vučetić, Nemanja Leković

Cast: Nikola Stanković, Hana Beštić, Maksim Milošević, Srna Đenadić, Aleksandar Kecman, Mina Sovtić, Lazar Đukić, Stefan Radovianović, Matija Đukanović Đuka




15 min

When a television network refuses to broadcast Rasko's television show, Rasko decides that it should be sold over the internet in order to expose the truth about the death of his brother, and face the consequences.

Director: Nemanja Ćeranić

Script: Nevena Perlić, Miloš Vučković

Cinematography: Igor Marović, Marko Mladenović

Editing: Milorad Ćitić

Sound: Filip Verkić

Production: Sofija Petković, Nevena Petrović, Nemanja Leković

Cast: Igor Benčina, Branislav Lečić

The Voice



9 min

A boy and his mother live in a quiet part of town. One night, while absentminded, trying to do his homework, the boy begins to see creepy shadows in his room that resemble frightening nightly creatures. His fear grows as the night unravels despite hearing the voice.

Director: Marija Vranić

Script: Marija Vranić

Cinematography: Milan Radojčić

Editing: Marija Vranić

Sound: Selena Bogdanović

Cast: Jasmina Večanski, Filip Tota, Joakim Tasić





3 min 20 sec

Scenes from the life of an elderly couple. The wife recalls memories of a past that started much nicer. An apple tree in front of their window follows their whole life.

Director: Fruzsina Zángó

Script: Fruzsina Zángó

Animation: Fruzsina Zángó

Cinematography: Fruzsina Zángó

Editing: Fruzsina Zángó

Music: Terrence Rosnagle

Sound: Fruzsina Zángó

Production: Fruzsina Zángó




20 min 57 sec

Flora fails to get to university. She spends her days in a melancholic mood among the blocking houses where she grew up. One day her mother sends her to the office for the unemployed. This is the story of that day.

Director: Gergely Szabó

Script: Gergely Szabó

Cinematography: Gergely Szabó

Editing: Gergely Szabó

Sound: Gergely Szabó

Music: Márton Gulybán, Gergely Szabó, Arvo Part

Cast: Vivien Siktár, Ili Siktárné, Dávid Guba, Adrienne Kristóf




4 min 18 sec

My version for a song of my favourite band, the Radiohead.

Director: Gergely Szabó

Script: Gergely Szabó

Cinematography: Gergely Szabó

Editing: Gergely Szabó

Sound: Gergely Szabó

Music: Radiohead

Cast: Gréta Petra Haraszti




2 min 10 sec

This short experimental film shows the main phases of the relationship between the two sexes. The relationship created is symbolized by a fetal pose, a common bond and supporting each other. When the relationship is broke, the bond and the support is cease. 

Director: Gergő Karkecz

Script: Gergő Karkecz

Cinematography: Domonkos Varga

Editing: Gergő Karkecz

Music: Kangding & Alvo Noto

Cast: Adrienn Kupeczki, Szabolcs Varjú

Junk food



3 min 20 sec

Fast food restaurants get a lot of stick nowadays, but what does today's youth think of junk food. It must have a great effect on you, right?

Director: Viktor Geda

Script: Viktor Geda

Animation: Viktor Geda

Editing: Viktor Geda

Sound: Viktor Geda

Room mates



10 min

Two girls share an apartment and they seem to be too different to get any close to each other.

Director: Éva Papp

Green Apple



2 min

An animated music clip that was inspired by Sasa Gedeon's movie 'Indiansko leto'.

Director: Noémi Barkóczi

Script: Noémi Barkóczi

Animation: Noémi Barkóczi

Cinematography: Noémi Barkóczi

Editing: Noémi Barkóczi

Sound: Kangding & Alvo Noto

Cast: Adrienn Kupeczki, Szabolcs Varjú