Anja Salomonowitz
Thursday 13.04.2017

Anja Salomonowitz

Peter Strickland
Wednesday 12.04.2017

Peter Strickland

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý and Štěpán Hulík
Sunday 26.03.2017

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý and Štěpán Hulík

Ludovica Ferrario
Friday 10.03.2017

Ludovica Ferrario

Steve Matthews
Sunday 26.02.2017

Steve Matthews


Discover multi-genre Bratislava

Five parties, five different style of music, five clubs!

Bratislava is not only historic sightseeing and nice walk through the Danube river. The real genius locci is hidden in many music bars, nightclubs and venues. Since every one of us like various genre, we decided to explore urban space by having five different party at five drastically different places.  Rave at withs us listening to twist, rock, jazz a rock'n 'roll, international jukebox, indie, edm, techno and acoustic bands.  




Twisted Tuesday  

Twisted Tuesday was made for all the chatterboxes but also dancing machines among you!  This party will be buzzing with friendly chats held in art café Kafé Scherz with music background which won’t let you warm your seat for long. Long live networking and RETRO!    
Trio of DJs – Trashman, Boneshaker and Hellhound – plays swift but clever sets. From rockabilly and surf through 60’s psychedelic, garage rock and post-punk to contemporary artists.




Wicked Wednesday  

On Wicked Wednesday we won’t wear pink, but we’ll be naughty and bizzare!  

Mysterious joint on the Jedlíková Street will uncover its secrets which lie in its quirky decorated rooms.   Soundtrack to this wicked party will be mix of everything since you’ll be the one picking the tunes! Choose your jams and listen to the fusion of cultures from our INTERNATIONAL JUKEBOX!    

DJ RANGO will provide an evening packed with multi genre music, starting from funky, chillout, urban and black music, building up to electro, house, techno, dubstep and even trap.




Thrilled Thursday

Thrilled Thursday will bring INDIE back to the Re:fresh club!  
Grab your tote bag and let go in the sounds of indie mixed by our legendary selectors. We’ll prove that this place with an amazing sound system deserves only the best from the independent music.    
Music is flowing in Gešo’s blood twenty four seven since he belongs to the pioneers of Pohoda festival, the biggest musical venue in Slovakia. From time to time Gešo becomes a DJ or as he says, he just plays some tunes. He played special events of Pohoda festival or the Mariachi club in Nitra and he’s also a composer, so we have no doubts that his music selection will be very interesting and groovy.  
Tana’s specialties are post-punk and shoegaze, but she also plays indie of all kinds at exclusive listener parties or completely different genres at various events including skate session in the garden of Obluda Club, Ian Curtis Night at Subclub, roller disco at Pohoda Festival or resident party Float On at Nu Spirit Club.




Forbidden Friday  

Forbidden Friday should be forbidden!   (pun intended)  
Why? Because there’s gonna be a hurricane of TECHNO from Berlinese, Serbian and Slovak underground scene! Also, we recommend to put on those old dancing shoes of yours, because we don’t refund ruined footwear!        
This master started in the 90s at the disco club Boccatio as an ordinary MC, but once in a month the owners let him have his own techno party and that’s when it all started. He was also a longtime resident of popular underground club called U-club, nowadays known as Subclub or Účko. This legend has performed all over the Europe, including Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and many others, where he’s known under an alias Rumenige for Label Numb and Antidandruff.    
NAR has been the resident of the legendary techno party Lobotomija held annualy in the club Tunnel (Novi Sad) for many years. We believe that his techno frequencies will resonate through the legendary tunnel in Bratislava’s Subclub as well.  
Being classified among genres as a radical noise and industrial, the Unhuman Project focuses on your deep dark fears. Manos Simotas is an experimental producer, DJ and promoter who tries to create the most extreme sounds by using the samples linked to the worst nightmares. But don’t worry, we guarantee it will be fun!  




Spectacular Saturday  

Spectacular Saturday will be like something you’ve never seen!  
Enjoy this cool evening with a taste of music festival. Sick gigs will be replaced with bouncy dance music and we’ll party till the sun comes up!        
Koala Voice (SL)  
Sweet riffs are given substance with an unforgiving rhytm section and lyrics which point to more than that of usual indie-pop stars. They always win over the audience thanks to their fresh indie rock sound influenced by disco and pop but also punk.  
Bad Karma Boy (SK)  
Homemade psychedelic pop. Bad Karma Boy combine melodics of their songs with layered vocals, minimalistic reverbatory guitar and musical setting enriched with not only keyboard, but also unusual instruments like omnichord or vibraphone. They’ve taken Slovak virtual space by storm and both media and fans reacted very positively to their music. This band definitely established its position as one of the most intriguing acts of Slovak alternative scene.  
Multitalented producer Paula who’s always been there somewhere is finally conquering the mixing at the real musical event. After a long persuading she agreed to prepare the hottest mix which will take your breath away until the end in the early morning hours.