Anja Salomonowitz
Thursday 13.04.2017

Anja Salomonowitz

Peter Strickland
Wednesday 12.04.2017

Peter Strickland

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý and Štěpán Hulík
Sunday 26.03.2017

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý and Štěpán Hulík

Ludovica Ferrario
Friday 10.03.2017

Ludovica Ferrario

Steve Matthews
Sunday 26.02.2017

Steve Matthews


Visegrad Film Forum na Pohode 2017!

Pripomeňte si s nami neopakovateľnú atmosféru 6. ročníka VFF prostredníctvom toho najlepšieho, čo prináša tvorba okolitých filmových škôl V4!

Visegrad Film Forum určite nie je obyčajný filmový festival! A to dokázalo aj tento rok, kedy sme v apríli privítali nielen významné filmárske osobnosti ako Colina Arthura, legendárneho tvorcu špeciálnych efektov vo filmoch ako Nekonečný príbeh či Súboj Titanov, Ludovicu Ferrario architektku Sorrentinovych filmov a seriálu Young Pope. Aj tento rok sa VFF zúčastnili taktiež študenti z 8 filmových škôl  s ich filmami, vrátane slovenskej VŠMU. My vám počas Pohody ponúkame výber toho najlepšieho z krajín V4. Sľubujeme, že sa máte na čo tešiť ;) 

Cena mladého publika po štvrtý krát v Bratislave!

Skvelé filmy, herec Lukáš Frlajs a chutné palacinky na Cene mladého publika 2017

Už po štvrtý krát sa Slovensko pripojilo k európskym krajinám, v ktorých sa mladí filmoví nadšenci stávajú ozajstnými porotcami. Deti sa na podujatí aktívne zapájali do diskusií, zhovárali o tvorbe s mladým hercom Lukášom Frlajsom a tvorili krátke videá. Okrem kvalitných filmov ich čakali aj zdravé a chutné palacinky. Podujatie vyvrcholilo živým prenosom, na ktorom bola tvorcom filmu Goodbye Berlin udelená soška Young Audience Award 2017. 

6th edition of Visegrad Film Forum is over...

and it was special!

International event at the end of April fulfilled its mission and brought big names of cinematography and students from all around the world to Bratislava. Masterclasses, screenings and discussions were balanced by friendly atmosphere. 


How can we accept the history?

This carefully composed monochrome film without voiceover shows scenes of modern-day tourists at Holocaust sites in German and asks troubling questions about man’s ability to consume and yet, at the same time, forget the past. Loznitsa describes Austerlitz as an effort to reckon with an existential crisis he felt on his first visit to Buchenwald. He was there doing side research for a project called “Babi Year” about mass murders in World War II Ukraine. "I realized, in front of the crematorium, that I was myself like a tourist,” he said. “And at the same time, I thought, ‘How can I be? How can I stay there?"

Menandros and Thäis

Is it possible to create a low-budget film that feels like a blockbuster?

An experimental, feature-length adventure movie based on a novel by Ondřej Cikán. An Austrian/Czech co-production by Die Gruppe, FAMU and nutprodukce. A kidnapped bride. A distraught hero. Odysseys in surreal worlds. At her wedding to Menandros, Thaïs is carried off by pirates. In his search for her, the bridegroom becomes a bloodthirsty avenger, his horse grows wings, a witch promises him another woman, King Xerxes attempts to unman him, but eventually everything comes to a happy ending. Or does it? Exclusive pre-premiere screening and case study during VFF!

Katalin Varga

Should I buy a flat in Bracknell or make a film in Transylvania?

Case study of debut feature film by Peter Strickland who completed the project for £25,000 with a very small crew of 11 people including transport and catering. Strickland paid everyone on the shoot out of his own pocket, apart from the focus- puller, who agreed to work for free. The film won numerous awards including a Silver Bear at the berlin Film festival and The European Film Academy's Discovery of the Year award in 2009.  

You will never understand this

How to investigate (family) history?

You will never understand this is the first Salomonowitz´s film which started in the cinemas. The film in which she confronted her own family with their history commanded great attention of the audience as well as film critics. Some of them spoke about the best Austrian film in years.

It happened just before

Are documentary films obsession or transformation of reality?

The documentary film about human trafficking has an unusual approach to the theme: the film is based on real narratives by women who were the objects of trafficking which were then re-worked into a documentary screenplay by the director. The stories are not retold by actresses but by people who have a direct relationship to events and places. The film won Caligari Film Award during Berlin Film Festival. 

Discover multi-genre Bratislava

Five parties, five different style of music, five clubs!

Bratislava is not only historic sightseeing and nice walk through the Danube river. The real genius locci is hidden in many music bars, nightclubs and venues. Since every one of us like various genre, we decided to explore urban space by having five different party at five drastically different places.  Rave at withs us listening to twist, rock, jazz a rock'n 'roll, international jukebox, indie, edm, techno and acoustic bands.  


Is the knowing of our past history really important?

No words, no music, only sounds and pictures of slowly dying city. Case study of documentary by Sergei Loznitsa was shot with no dialogue and consists of black and white footage shot during the Siege of Leningrad in the Second World War, composed of unique material from Moscow film archives.