MET Budapest & UTB Zlin






15 min

In 2009, two family fathers in Budapest, who had lost their jobs and all their money decided that the solution to their problems would be to rob a post office… With a Wartburg. Lacking any previous experience, they studied movies to learn the trade. The robbery did not go as planned and ended with the escape vehicle breaking down in front of a prison. Who where they and why would anybody chose such a solution? The film explores the real events of an absurd and tragic story from 2009.

Director: David Borbás

Writer: Orsolya Vida

Animation: Balázs Németh

Cinematography: Csaba Szentgáli

Editing: Dániel Tokár

Sound: Marcus Michaeli

Production: Budapest Metropolitan University

Cast: Márton Kisteleki, Gábor Nagy - Feateuring Ildiko Ritter, Kó József, Zoltán Háberman, Zsolt Pápai, Károly ”Karcsi” Nyilas




14 min

An unemployed actor gets into financial crises just when his daughter comes home and asks him a favour. The father has a few hours only to provide some money.

Director: Zsuzsanna Bendó

Story: Zsuzsanna Bendó

Script: Zsuzsanna Bendó

Cinematography: Gergely Szirmai

Editing: Zsuzsanna Bendó

Sound: Péter Várnai

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Production: Budapest Metropolitan University

Cast: Tamás Varga, Alexa Kaprielian, Péter Végh, Dávid Géczy

Parafrázis / Paraphrase


8 min


What would a mid-aged man think about women? In this beautiful, baroque labyrinth-like castle he is passing through beautiful hallways surrounded with magical historical paintings of women who all leads him towards his destiny... 

Director: Eszter Kemény

Story: Eszter Kemény

Script: Eszter Kemény

Animation : -

Cinematography: Flora Chilton

Editing: Dániel Tokár

Sound: Norbert Szekeres

Music: Mátyás Wettl

Production: Budapest Metropoliten University

Cast: Károly Hajduk, Ilona Sárközi-Nagy




20 min.

The boy is waiting at the train station when he notices the girl. He sits beside her, but can’t start a conversation. Later, they see each other again through the train window. The boy asks for her phone number, but misses the last two figures as the girl's train is already on the way. Next day, following his friend’s advice, he decides to call all the possible one hundred combinations believing that one would be her’s.

Director: Máté Batka

Story: Máté Batka

Script: Máté Batka

Animation: Zsanett Szántó

Cinematography: Balázs Tisza

Editing: Dávid Knapp

Sound: Sámuel Lehoczki, Ádám Vadász

Music: Gergely Császáry

Production: Budapest Metropolitan University

Cast: Lili Walters, Tamás Abai-Szabó, Edina Dömök, Bálint Antal, Gábor Krausz, Tibor Boda, Anna Hay, Armand Kautzky, Orsolya Kriály, Anita Rozália Bognár, Gergő Szirmai, Alim Adilov, Soma Simics, Réka Mezei





Czech Repubic

27 min

Fearing a whipping from their parents, a bunch of ten-year olds decide to hide the body of a dead friend, instead of forwarding the matter to the police. But no plan is ever bullet-proof. Or is it?

Director: Robert Hloz

Story: Robert Hloz

Script: Tomislav Čečka

Cinematography: Gašper Šnuderl

Editing: Martin Kirov

Sound: Pavel Vrtěl

Music: Pavel Vrtěl

Production: Lucie Jánová, FMK UTB

Cast: Martin Kulhánek, Matyáš Štambach, Jakub Štefka, Hanuš Bor, Stanislav Lehký



Czech Repubic

23 min

He won´t be the main character this time. Yet he will leave indelible mark. That kind that cuts deep under her skin. New recreation of classical drama Eugene Onegin with Tatiana in the spotlight. This time just a little bit more minimalist and deeper under the skin.

Director: Jiří Horenský

Story: Jiří Horenský

Script: Jiří Horenský

Cinematography: Michal Bouška

Editing: Milan Lukáč

Sound: David Schwarz

Music: Pavel Vrtěl

Production: Lucie Jánová, FMK UTB

Cast: Veronika Lapková, Martin Jašek, Erik Sovják, Karolína Koblenová