KNUTCT Kiev & Lodz Film School

Кончєний / CRAZY

Year: 2015

Country: Ukraine

13 min

Nastia meets Dima, they fell in love and have great hopes on their relations. But the best friend says that Dima is finished. Nastia listens to her friend but decides to examine his sweetheart. She witnesses an event and makes a shocked discovery for herself.

Director: Margaryta Kuzmyna

Script: Kateryna Babkina

Cinematography: Eugenia Bondarenko

Editing: Margaryta Kuzmyna

Sound: Karina Rezhevska

Music: West One Music - Hit and Run; Bonehouse - Public Eye; Colaars - Backseat Kisses; Dead Boys Girlfriend - Phone Call Liar

Production: Karpenko-Karyi KNUTCT

Cast - Vira Klymkovetska, Veronika Ihnatenko, Vitaly Karpenko, Dasha Plahtiy

Останній відвідувач / The Last Visitor

Year: 2015

Country: Ukraine

20 min

Main character works in the bar that is open until the last visitor. Once at night the barman meets very unusual visitor. Stranger says that he is a real angel. Does the barman believe the stranger?

Director: Oleksandr Shkrabak

Story: Oleksandr Shkrabak

Script: Oleksandr Shkrabak

Cinematography: Yevhen Kozeko

Editing: Yevhen Kozeko

Sound: Anna Malienko

Music: trio Portmone, Oleksandr Shkrabak

Production - 3KO Production

Cast: Vlad Nikityuk, Oleksandr Pecherytsya, Pavlo Meshchenko

Мотор! / Action!

Year: 2016

Country: Ukraine

11 min'

The group of "cinema veterans" doesn't lose hope for the rebirth of business of their life. So they decide to take a film to a faraway village of Ukraine and show it there. But it's not so easy to bring back people to the cinema and to restore times of "big screen"...

Director: Alona Stulii

Script: Alona Stulii

Cinematography: Evgeniy Leskov

Editing: Alona Stulii

Sound: Yaroslav Nekriach

Music: Hidden Orchestra, Miel at lait

Production: Karpenko-Karyi KNUTCT



A Documentary Film

Year: 2015

Country: Poland

7 min

A portrait of a father, whose adult children live their own lives far away from him. Director follows his every day routine life at the swimming pool, at work, at home and – first of all – he explores his emotions. It's a film about complicated relationships.

Director: Marcin Podolec

Producer: Marcin Malatynski

Script: Marcin Podolec

Animation: Marcin Podolec

Cinematography: Marcin Podolec

Editing: Marcin Podolec

Music: Wiktoria Nowak

Production: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School – Lodz, Poland


Year: 2015

Country: Poland

17 min

What is a hangover for? The worker of Municipal Alcohol Recovery Center loses the purpose of his job.

Director: Maciej Buchwald

Producer: Marcin Malatynski

Script: Maciej Buchwald

Cinematography: Tomasz Gajewski

Editing: Piotr Kulak

Sound: Bogdan Klat

Music: Waldemar Szaro

Production: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School – Lodz, Poland

Cast: Eliza Borowska, Dariusz Siastacz, Malina Malinowska, Marek Barbasiewicz, Miroslaw Henke, Waldemar Kownacki

No Matter What Happens, I Love You

Year: 2015

Country: Poland

14 min

Piotrek returns to Poland from the war in Iraq. He finds out that his sister’s girlfriend has been living in the family home. He is unable to accept her sexual orientation. So he tries to regain his authority in the home and put an end to her homosexual relationship; however, even their mother is in favor of the relationship. The film is an adaptation of Przemysław Wojcieszek’s stage play Whatever Happens, I Love You.

Director: Justyna Mytnik

Story: Przemyslaw Wojcieszek

Script: Justyna Mytnik

Cinematography: Michal Modlinger

Editing: Michal Poddebniak

Sound: Bogdan Klat

Music: used - Czadoman

Production: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School - Lodz, Poland

Cast: Michal Florianczyk, Helena Sujecka, Justyna Wasilewska, Krzysztof Wach, Elżbieta Walczak

It Would Be Beautiful

Year: 2014

Country: Poland

17 min

Mars could have already been inhabited by human beings if it hadn’t been for a difficulty in returning to Earth from this remote planet, which is one year long trip away from the Earth. For nor it has been decided that 4 people will be sent to Mars and it will be a one-way trip. The mission which has been called Mars One has been planned for the year 2023. So far there have been over 200 000 volunteers who sent their applications to organizers and among them there is also Aleksandra, a 57-year old biology teacher from a small Polish city of Sosnowiec.

Director: Anna Morawiec

Script: Anna Morawiec

Cinematography: Pawel Jozwicki

Editing: Barbara Fronc

Sound: Anna Morawiec, Ewa Bogusz

Production: The Polish national Film, TV and Theatre Schoola