FDU Cetinje & UNATC Bucharest


Year: 2014

Country: Montenegro


This is a story about a voyeur which describes his relation with the world surrounding him and his inability to communicate and establish normal relationship with it. Mr. Martin is a voyeur who rarely leaves his home. His new obsession is a dentist in the office across the building he lives in. His apartment is a witness of his obsessions by many women who would come to his neighborhood. He goes to her office wishing to establish contact with her. However, due to his own self-doubt and cowardice he gives up. His obsession continues and by having his teeth knocked out, he finds the way to spend some time with her.

Director: Bojan Stijović

Story: Bojan Stijović

Script: Stefan Bošković/Bojan Stijović

Cinematography: Željko Bracanović

Editing: Gojko Berkuljan

Sound: Aleksandar Brajović

Animation: Gojko Berkuljan

Production: FDU Cetinje

Cast: Emir Ćatović, Jelena Simić, Zoran Vujović, Stefan Bošković, Sanja Vujisić, Vule Marković


Year: 2013

Country: Montenegro

18 min

Andrej lives in a small coastal village with his parents, spending hard working days in the shipyard. Ana is his only friend, but his every attempt to show her emotions is awkward. It’s the end of a summer and the war is about to begin.

Director: Ivan Salatić

Story: Ivan Salatić

Script: Ivan Salatić

Cinematography: Ivan Marković

Editing: Jelena Maksimović

Sound: Jakov Munižaba

Production: FDU Cetinje

Cast: Bojana Malinovska, Petar Novaković, Branka Knežević


Year: 2014

Country: Montenegro

12 min

Tranquillity of Blood is a film of the state of mind, great reflections and even greater decisions made in a little village shaped by the long-standing customs and tradition. This film is about a man and a woman who lost their son several years ago in a misfortunate conflict with the son of their first neighbours who killed him in negligence. Since the man had promised to take the revenge in his lifetime, neighbours sent their son abroad where he stayed and continued his life.

Director: Senad Šahmanović

Story: Stefan Bošković

Script: Stefan Bošković

Cinematography: Daniel Mateić

Editing: Vladimir Radovanović

Sound: Petar Stojičić

Music: Ivan Marović

Production: FDU Cetinje, OR production

Cast: Jasna Đurićić, Marko Daćović, Momo Pićurić, Jadranka Mamić, Emir Ćatović, Jelena Simić, Miroslav Vujnović


Year: 2015

Country: Romania

23 min

Everybody has a way to cope with loss. Trying to overcome the chaos that surrounds her and the inevitability of death, Olive choses loneliness. Her friends think otherwise and try to help by convincing her to join them on a short trip.

Director: Stela Pelin

Script: Stela Pelin

Cinematography: Andrei Oana

Editing: Vadim Severin

Sound: Stefan Teodorescu

Cast: Crina Semciuc, Corneliu Ulici, Sorin Dobrin


Year: 2015

Country: Romania

21 min

One year after finishing highschool, a young artist from Bucharest called Alice has to quit collage so that she can take care of her newly formed family. She decides to find a job, hoping this will offer her a better living, but despite becoming finacially stable the job ends up alienating her from her loved ones.

Director: Sandra Isabela Țenț

Script: Sandra Isabela Țenț

Cinematography: Sandra Isabela Țenț

Editing: Andrada Iacobeț

Sound: Petre Osman

Cast: Alice Petruș, Dorian Petruș, Aristo Petruș


Year: 2015

Country: Romania

5 min

A fly seeks nutrition in a hostile world too big for its size.

Director: Gerhard Dudu

Script: Gerhard Dudu

Cinematography: Nicoleta Istudor

Editing: Alexandra Băbău

Sound: Alexandra Băbău

Cast: Cristina Briciu, Sebastian Condurache