FDA Belgrade & VŠMU Bratislava


Year: 2015

Country: Serbia

11 min

Father is looking for his daughter's suitcase, cause she is moving out. In a basement of their building while he was looking for suitcase, quite unexpectedly, little girl appears. She magically lock all doors. Father must play by her rules, to get out. Haunted by the past, he realizes that the only way to deal with it, is to let past go.

Director: Ana Žugić

Script: Ana Žugić, Boris Grgurović

Cinematography: Nemanja Veselinović

Editor: Ana Žugić

Sound: Nikola Janković

Music: Milan Sv. Đurđević

Production: Ana Žugić, Nemanja Veselinović

Cast: Aleksandar Đurica, Marija Bergam, Simona Kafeđžić

Glances of Closed Eyes / Pogledi zatvorenih očiju

Year: 2015

Country: Serbia

16 min

The focus is on blind and visually impaired people who introduce us to their way of life through the help of sound and how sound helps them in their daily lives. It describes their emotions and how they differ from people with sight. “I fell in love at first sound” (quote taken from interview).

Director: Dora Filipović

Script: Dora Filipović

Cinematography: Igor Marović

Editing: Sara Santini

Sound: Dora Filipović

Music: Dimitrije Cvetković

Production: Dora Filipović, Miroslav Đurđević

Cast: Mara Gicić, Ljubisav Gicić, Ranko Burić, Nedeljka Ložajić, Milica Ilić i Draško Veselinović

Glumci: Marko Kratovac, Aleksa Mekić, Andrej Erčević, Kristina Vuletić, Dejan Dedić, Dobrila Ilić, Dragoslav Ilić and Nenad Ćirić

With Many Things to Come / Sve je više stvari koje dolaze

Year: 2015

Country: Serbia

22 min

Jovana recently moved out of her family home to live alone. One summer's day, she decides to make a surprise visit to her family and have some leftover lunch. She arrives to find her mother down and depressed, and decides to take her out for a beer.

Director: Jelena Gavrilović

Script: Dimitrije Kokanov, Jelena Gavrilović

Cinematography: Igor Đorđević

Editing: Nataša Pantić

Sound: Branko Topalović

Production: Andrejević, Nada Savić

Cast: Ana Mandić, Draginja Voganjac, Saša Torlaković, Ljubica Nedić, Igor Žimbrek 



Mňau / Meow

Year of production: 2015

Country: Slovakia

4 min

A short story about a musician, who, in an attempt to compose music forgets about his hungry companion.

Director: Marek Jasaň

Story: Marek Jasaň

Script: Marek Jasaň

Animation: Marek Jasaň


Editing: Zuzana Gallová

Sound: Michal Horváth

Music: Vladislav Šarišľký

Production: Petra Uhlárová

Strach / Fear

Year of production: 2015

Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic

28 min

Marek is a young boy who witnesses a violent attack in a bus. He is able to shoot the whole incident on his cell phone, but his fear and conscience prevent him from doing the right thing.

Director: Michal Blaško

Story: Michal Blaško

Script: Michal Blaško

Cinematography: Adam Mach

Editing: Peter Sedláčik

Sound: Ivan Ďurkech

Music: Ivan Ďurkech

Production: Jakub Brychta, Tomáš Zeman, Veronika Jelšíková

Cast: Julian Enrik Smoliga, Dávid Selecký, Oliver Asztalos, Alfréd Aczel, Júlia Horváthová, Juraj Benčík


Year of production: 2015

Country: Slovakia

11 min

A troubled old enterpreneur finds himself looking at the world upside down in a hotel room where time runs backwards.

Director: Martin Kazimír

Story: Martin Kazimír

Script: Martin Kazimír

Cinematography: Martin Chlpík

Editing: Martin Kazimír, Kristi Kleiman

Sound: Michal Horváth

Music: Franto Kormaňák

Production: Kristína Majorošová

Cast: Richard Stanke, Róbert Červenka

Mor ho! / Crush him!


12 min

An expansion of roman imperium forces the Slavics to make difficult decision, that can determine their destiny. An epic story inspirated by the poem of Samo Chalupka- slovak poet.
Master degree film directed by Martin Machálik, student of Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava.

Director: Martin Machálik:

Story: Martin Machálik:

Script: Martin Machálik:

Animation: Martin Machálik:

Editing: Martin Dlugolinský

Sound: Adam Kuchta

Music: František Kormaňák

Production: Kika Majorošová

Cast(Voiceover): Marián Slovák, Milo Kráľ