European Film Academy - Young Audience Award 2016 v Bratislave
Tuesday 19.04.2016

European Film Academy - Young Audience Award 2016 v Bratislave

Martin Žiaran, ASK
Tuesday 29.03.2016

Martin Žiaran, ASK

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson
Sunday 20.03.2016

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Bartosz Konopka
Wednesday 16.03.2016

Bartosz Konopka

EFA master class with Paco Delgado
Tuesday 08.03.2016

EFA master class with Paco Delgado


Audience development and film literacy day

Presentation of successful European projects, connected with audience development and film literacy during VFF 2016

Boiler, NGO is organizing a special Audience development and film literacy day during the 5th Visegrad Film Forum. Apart from the issue of why European films are unable to reach a bigger audience, we would like to present different forms and possibilities of alternative distribution, promotion and film literacy in every age, starting with children and students. The moderator of the event will be Diana Tabakov

Presentation of successful European projects, connected with audience development and film literacy will be on Friday, April 8 at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. A part of this special day will be also master class with Katriel Schory, who is an internationally recognized expert in this field. 


09:30 - 12:10 - presentations

12:10 - 13:10 - lunch break

13:10 - 14:30 - Katriel Schory´s master class

14:30 - 16:00 - discussion


If you have any questions related to Audience development and film literacy day


The entry of Audience development and film literacy day is free.

You can register on  


List of projects


Filmový kabinet (The Film Cabinet)

Presented by: Michal Michalovič

Filmový kabinet cycle (established in 2013) is dedicated to the history of the world and Slovak cinema. In 10 lectures per term, the attendees are presented with sessions roughly 30 years period of the history of world cinema, movements and filmmakers. The lectures are followed by screenings of selected films and a discussion with the attendees. The cycle is 2 years long. The second edition of the Filmový kabinet cycle is now in its third term, which will run until May 2016. Michal Michalovič, the curator of the FILMOTÉKA archive cinema, is one of the coordinators of this non-formal education cycle. 


Presented by: Eroll Bilibani 

DokuFest is a nonprofit organization that organizes the International Documentary and Short Film Festival in Prizren, Kosovo. The organization's focus is in development and promotion of Kosovo’s young filmmakers and artists through its programs, and is committed to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance, while making films more accessible to a wider audience. Two major programs are focused on education and audience development. Eroll Bilibani is currently the executive director of DokuFest. 

Doc Aliance Academy

Presented by: Nina Numankadic

DA Academy is an online source of quality European films and teaching materials suitable for teaching about film at schools. It is an international platform for the development of film literacy. The organizers have developed it since the spring of 2015 in collaboration with seven European documentary film festivals associated within Doc Alliance. This network includes Jihlava IDFF and documentary film fans may be familiar with it thanks to the possibility of watching films at the portal. Nina Numankadić is an executive director of Doc Alliance Academy.

New Horizons Association

Presented by: Maciek Jakubczyk

New Horizons Association is based in Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland. It organizes a worldwide film education project in over 40 art house cinemas in Poland, Kids Film Festival which takes place in 18 cities, distribute children films and organize script development program devoted to movies for kids. Maciek Jakubczyk, an expert for Polish Film Institute (on children film screenplays) and Ministry of Culture and Heritage (on educational projects), is head of education department in New Horizons Association since 2005. He was also a head of New Horizons art-house distribution for over 6 years.


Presented by: Núria Aidelman / /

Bao A Qu is a non-profit cultural organization devoted to projects that introduces creation in schools hand-in-hand with filmmakers, photographers and artists. From the experiences generated on its film pedagogy program Cinema en curs (started in 2005), since 2014 A Bao A Qu leads the European project Moving Cinema with three main objectives: to awaken interest in European cinema among young people, –particularly in contemporary and classing art-house cinema–, to develop their capability to enjoy it and to enable them to participate in the cultural life of cinema. Moving Cinema explores 5 strands of the work: screenings and Q&A; young programmers; film practices with mobile devices linked to film-viewing; discovering films on VoD platforms and, since 2015, Inside Cinema: an online space for the discovery of films through the materials of the creation processes.

Cinema & School: Conversational and Crossing Art-form Events in Cinemas for Young Audiences

Presented by: Emese Erdos

Budapest Film Zrt., is the primary art-house and classic cinema exhibitor company in Hungary, focused on screening quality moving pictures. The programme includes Puskin Kuckó programs (Family programs) and Suli-Mozi’s (School-Movie) happenings. Puskin Kuckó ‘Cinema for the smallest ones’ includes performances, concerts, playing corner activities etc. based on a combination of film, music and theater. The mission of the young audience program, entitled “Suli-Mozi”, is to use the unique potential of the films in order to provide exciting programs, designed primarily to educate the target audience. Emese Erdos is the Head of Educational Programmes. 

Aerofilms - Scope100

Presented by: Ivo Anderle

Scope 100 is a distribution project intended to rethink the acquisition and release processes for independent European films and stimulate the audience. In each country, 100 active film lovers were chosen to build the Scope100 community, watch ten carefully selected films online and vote in each country for the best one, which will then be released. Scope100 is an initiative developed by Poland’s Gutek Film and Festival Scope in collaboration with Aerofilms (Czech Republic), Stadtkino (Austria), Imagine (Belgium), Arthaus (Norway) and Cinefil Co (Hungary) and supported by the EU's Creative Europe Audience Development scheme. Ivo Andrle is Czech cinema operator and film distributor, cofounder and CEO for Aerofilms. 

The language of the event is English, without Slovak translation.  

This event is co-organized with Creative Europe Desk Slovakia.