Martin Žiaran, ASK

ASK master class - visuality and functionality of pictures

Martin Žiaran is one of the most successful Slovak cinematographers of today. In 2015, he won ASK Kamera Prize, awarded biannually, in the Live-action Film category for his work on The Cleaner, a film directed by Peter Bebjak. A Czech film Hany earned him a prize at Goldeneye, an international festival of movie and TV cinematographers, in Tbilisi, as well as the Czech Film critics' Award for Best Cinematography. Hany was filmed using three 25-minute shots, which looks like one single shot. This master class is co-organized with ASK (Association of Slovak Cinematographers)

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Icelandic storytelling - comedy and sadness hand-in-hand

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is an Icelandic film director and producer. He is the founder of the first Icelandic magazine devoted to the art of film and the cofounder of the Reykjavik Film Festival. His second feature film Children of Nature was nominated for an Oscar as the Best Foreign Language Film – it became the first Icelandic film ever nominated for an Oscar.

Bartosz Konopka

Reality vs. fiction – the boundaries of documentary filmmaking

One of the most awarded young Polish filmmakers; the author of documentaries, such as Sky over Europe, Goat Walker, as well as a fiction film entitled Three for the Taking. He received many prizes and nominations for his films, including the Best Short Documentary Oscar nomination for Rabbit à la Berlin.

EFA master class with Paco Delgado

Narration through clothing

Paco Delgado is an internationally recognized Canarian costume designer. For his work in this field he received two nominations for the Oscars, as well as for the BAFTAs: the first for Les Misérables in 2013, and the second for The Danish Girl this year. He also won the European Film Award for costume design in Blancanieves in 2013. He has collaborated with directors such as Pedro Almódovar, Alejandro González Iñárritu, M.Night Shyamalan and Tom Hooper. Co-organizer of this master class with Paco Delgado is the European Film Academy (EFA)

Agnieszka Holland

Building bridges in the hearts and minds of people through film

Agnieszka Holland is a Polish-Jewish film and television director and screenwriter, best known for her political contribution to Polish New Wave cinema. She has directed over the 30 feature and television films during her 40-year career. Three of her films got an Oscar nomination – Europa Europa (1991) for Best Adapted Screenplay and Angry Harvest (1985) and In Darkness (2011) for Best Foreign Language Film. She is the Chairwoman of the European Film Academy (EFA). The part of her master class will be a screening of her diploma film Hrich boha (The sin of god)

Katriel Schory

Developing the audience

Katriel Schory has been the director of Israel Film Fund for 17 years and, from this position, he contributed to the financing of 230 films, such as Waltz with Bashir or Lebanon. Schory is one of the most respected figures in the film world and many Jewish and Arab filmmakers in Israel consider him to be a guardian of freedom of expression. During VFF, Schory will have a special master class about the importance of audience development, in which he will also cover the issue of why European films are unable to reach a bigger audience. As he said: „we have a hell lot of films out on the market, but we don’t have enough audience for these films.“

László Rajk

Cheating with the perspective

László Rajk is a practicing architect, a production designer and a professor at SZFE in Budapest, also known as a former dissident and a human rights activist. Since 1972, he has worked as a production designer on several Hungarian and international projects, including The Man from London, The Turin Horse, Mirage, Son of Saul, as well as Ridley Scott´s The Martian, which was shot in Hungary recently.