European Film Academy - Young Audience Award 2016 v Bratislave
Tuesday 19.04.2016

European Film Academy - Young Audience Award 2016 v Bratislave

Martin Žiaran, ASK
Tuesday 29.03.2016

Martin Žiaran, ASK

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson
Sunday 20.03.2016

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Bartosz Konopka
Wednesday 16.03.2016

Bartosz Konopka

EFA master class with Paco Delgado
Tuesday 08.03.2016

EFA master class with Paco Delgado



Rediscovery of European silent film

A re-telling of the classic fairy tale “Snow White” by the Brothers Grimm, Blancanieves is a uniquely spirited homage to the black-and-white Golden Age of European silent cinema. It became one of the most successful European films in 2013. The winner of ten Goya Awards and a dozen of prizes at film festivals including the Special Jury Prize and an ex-aequo Best Actress "Silver Shell" Award for Macarena García at the 2012 San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Icelandic storytelling - comedy and sadness hand-in-hand

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is an Icelandic film director and producer. He is the founder of the first Icelandic magazine devoted to the art of film and the cofounder of the Reykjavik Film Festival. His second feature film Children of Nature was nominated for an Oscar as the Best Foreign Language Film – it became the first Icelandic film ever nominated for an Oscar.

Son of Saul

The soul of cinema

We will open this year´s VFF with a Hungarian film - a debut feature by Laszló Nemes – Son of Saul. This film started out small but then caught the attention of audiences and achieved worldwide success. Its premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2015 was a successful and a bit controversial start of the film´s journey which led to winning the Grand Prix. Recently, it has become the second Hungarian film to receive an Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film and the first one to win a Golden Globe. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the production designer László Rajk.

Bartosz Konopka

Reality vs. fiction – the boundaries of documentary filmmaking

One of the most awarded young Polish filmmakers; the author of documentaries, such as Sky over Europe, Goat Walker, as well as a fiction film entitled Three for the Taking. He received many prizes and nominations for his films, including the Best Short Documentary Oscar nomination for Rabbit à la Berlin.

Audience development and film literacy day

Presentation of successful European projects, connected with audience development and film literacy during VFF 2016

Apart from the issue of why European films are unable to reach a bigger audience, we would like to present different forms and possibilities of alternative distribution, promotion and film literacy in every age, starting with children and students. Presentation of successful European projects, connected with audience development and film literacy will be on Friday, April 8 at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. A part of this special day will be also master class with Katriel Schory, who is an internationally recognized expert in this field. 

Hľadáme GAUČE počas VFF 2016!

Podeľte sa o miesto na spanie so zahraničnými filmármi :)

Bývate v Bratislave, máte voľný gauč na ľubovoľné dni v termíne 5.-9. apríla a chcete sa skamošiť s filmármi z celého sveta? Ozvite sa nám na prosím ideálne do pondelku 21. marca a pošleme vám viac info.

EFA master class with Paco Delgado

Narration through clothing

Paco Delgado is an internationally recognized Canarian costume designer. For his work in this field he received two nominations for the Oscars, as well as for the BAFTAs: the first for Les Misérables in 2013, and the second for The Danish Girl this year. He also won the European Film Award for costume design in Blancanieves in 2013. He has collaborated with directors such as Pedro Almódovar, Alejandro González Iñárritu, M.Night Shyamalan and Tom Hooper. Co-organizer of this master class with Paco Delgado is the European Film Academy (EFA)

Hrich boha (The Sin of God)

Screening of Agnieszka Holland´s student film

Don´t miss a special opportunity to see one of the first film projects by famous Polish director Agnieszka Holland - her diploma film, which she made during her studies at FAMU - Hrich boha (The Sin of God). The screening will be a part of Agnieszka Holland´s master class. 

VFF 2016 - call for volunteers!!!

Staň sa súčasťou organizačného tímu nášho unikátneho podujatia Visegrad Film Forum!

Získaš kopec skúseností s organizáciou, zoznámiš sa s novými ľuďmi zo všetkých kútov a budeš mať možnosť naživo stretnúť také osobnosti ako známu poľskú režisérku Agnieszku Holland alebo maďarského filmového architekta Lázslóa Rajka a o zábavu budeš mať postarané. Viac info na

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