Best of Fest Anča 2014

Selection of award-winning films at VFF

At VFF 2015 you will see the best animated films from Fest Anča 2014. The selection of award-winning films from the 7th international animation festival Fest Anča represents the best of animation from all over the world. This festival is the only film event in our country focused on animated films.

The international animation film festival Fest Anča was born in Žilina, the historical and industrial centre of north-western Slovakia, in 2008. From the very beginning this festival has been closely tied to the Stanica Žilina - Zárečie cultural center. The festival consists of five days full of films screenings, workshops, master classes, exhibitions, concerts and other accompanying events. Fest Anča grows every year.




In 2014 the carefully chosen selection included 1076 international animated films from more than 70 countries that competed in five categories – Anča Award, Anča Student Award, Anča Music Video Award, Anča Slovak Award and Anča Kids Award. At Visegrad Film Forum you will see 13 films, which represent the best of this year: the best short animations, student films, music videos and films for children, including Irish Coda by Alan Holly or British Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard, the winners of Anča Award and Anča Student Award. 





9´, Ireland, 2013
Directed by: Alan Holly
A lost soul stumbles drunken through a city.
In a park Death finds him, and shows him many things.

To Thy Heart
10´, Poland, 2013
Directed by: Eva Borysewicz
He was so handsome, with his jet-black hair, standing
by the swing. Ewa Borysewicz’s animation is a secular
litany and a story of affection ending in bitter disappointment,
echoing through a tower block estate.

Choir Tour
5´, Latvia, 2012
Directed by: Edmunds Jansons
A world-famous boys’ choir goes on tour. In the hands of their
strictconductor, they are an obedient musical instrument. But
left alone without supervision, they are just playful children.
Once in Seoul, the conductor is accidentally trapped in an
elevator, and the boys are left alone. 


5´ , France, 2013
Directed by: Ugo Bienvenu, Kevin Manach 
Dad irons. Child tidies up. Mom breathes out.

7´, France, 2013
Directed by: Nicolas Ménard
Upon a doomed landing on a new planet, an astronaut
who left a part of himself back home — his left arm —
is lost between the beauty and mystery of his surroundings,
and the missing touch of his loved one.

The Incredible Elastic Man
5´, Poland, 2013
Directed by: Karolina Specht
The story of a shapeless man who depends on the people,
things and places that are constantly shaping him. Can one
live completely detached from others - from reality? Who and
what decides about who we are in the end?

Mañana Forever
4´, Germany, 2013
Directed by: Benjael Halfmaderholz
The music video to the Bonaparte song is a voyage along the
visualized metaphors of the singer’s mind, trying to escape the
never-ending tomorrow.


Best Friend
2´, Poland, 2014
Directed by: Kijek/Adamski
The act of smoking a cigarette illustrates
an inner riot. The music video for We Cut Corners.


We've Been Lovin
3´, United Kingdom, 2013
Directed by: Gavin C Robinson
A fox goes on a journey to find the missing piece of the perfect
partnership between himself and his vixen. The music video to
the song by Kevin Pearce.

13´, Slovakia, 2014
Directed by: Joanna Kożuch
A young violinist is about to play his big solo with the
Philharmonic of Fongopolis City. However, his path to
success is unexpectedly stopped at a train station. In
the chaos of signs, advertisements, lights and crowds
in a rush, he cannot find the way to the right platform.


In Line
4´, Slovakia, 2014
Directed by: Kamila Kučíková
Tedious queueing is not always rewarded.

The Story of a Tornado
6´, Slovakia, 2013
Directed by: Veronika Kocourková
The Story of a Tornado follows a family of four air molecules.
As the hot sun warms the Earth, the molecules grow and soon
enough they no longer fit into their house. They try to find a
place in the clouds, but the cold air molecules that already live
there don’t want any new flatmates. 

9´, France, 2013
Directed by: Ulrich Totier
In an empty, timeless setting, funny little
figures wander around with no apparent purpose...
until a stone falls from the sky. What they do with the
stone reveals the true nature of these odd creatures...