Roberto Olla

Master of promoting the European cinema

Roberto Olla graduated from university with a degree in public law and a Ph.D. in European law (thesis in audiovisual and media law). He began his career as a researcher in media law at the European University Institute in Florence. After that he moved to Brussels where he started working for the MEDIA Programme in the distribution department. But Roberto had bigger plans and so he became a legal adviser on audiovisual matters to the European Commission in Brussels.

With all this useful skills and experiences he gathered while working in the filmmaking business, Roberto joined Eurimages in 2002 as a project manager dealing mainly with support for feature films. In 2008 he was named the Executive director of the Fund.

As an executive director, he has placed great emphasis on the full integration of Southeast European countries into the European audio-visual space. Eurimages under his lead also intensified providing financial support to numerous co-productions and distribution support scheme for European films in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia Macedonia, Russia, Serbia and Turkey. These countries were also fully reformed and a wholly new program supporting the digitalization of cinemas in these countries was introduced.