Paul Cronin

Dramatic Construction and Film Grammar

After Cronin accidentally found a rich heritage of studies, diaries and notes made by an important British director Alexander Mackendrick in his basement, he decided to write a book about it. The book ON FILM-MAKING: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CRAFT OF THE DIRECTOR has become a bestseller and gathered a great success among filmmakers. 

"Luckily, Alexander Mackendrick blows the theory merchants out of the picture with a blast of cool Scottish sagacity. His is no thin concept couched in 200 pages of waffle. He doesn't soft soap his audience with advice to lie back and let their inner child do the work. Instead, he offers up the accumulated wisdom of a disciplined and productive career."

The Guardian

The interactive lecture that Paul Cronin has created is based on Mackendrick’s influential teachings. Through interviews with this important director himself, his students and colleagues, the course gives you a complex presentation of Mackendrick's approach to filmmaking. It also provides an opportunity for novice filmmakers to present and discuss their projects. (This opportunity is given only to students of our partner schools.)

Paul Cronin has directed films like “Look out Haskell, it’s real!” The Making of Medium Cool (2001) or Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16 (2003) and he is currently finishing a documentary about the student protests at Columbia University in 1968 called A Time to Stir.