Ewa Puszczynska

Production is an Art Piece

Ewa graduated from English Literature Department of University of Lodz. While studying she has been a literature researcher, playwriter, editor and advisor connected to Polish puppet theatre. After university Ewa’s  first contact with the film business came through translating and editing movie subtitles for TV and cinema.

“Maybe the tsunami is slowly coming towards us, but so far, we haven't really been hit by the crisis. Maybe one of the factors that are helping us to go through the crisis is that we also have a commercial division that produces TV ads. It sometimes helps with the cash flow and you can borrow money for a feature production from the ad department.”

In Opus film company, Ewa is also the head of an international department supervising co-productions and foreign sales and distribution of the produced movies. Recently she was a co-producer of a movie THE KING OF DEVIL'S ISLAND (dir. by  Marius Holst) which is a Poland, Norway and Estonia coproduction.

Latest project that Ewa produced is called IDA (dir. by Pawel Pawlikovski). Story of young novitiate nun Anna, who discovers a dark family secret.

Ewa Puszczynska is currently also a Member of EFA and tutor in Lodz Film School.

Master class of Ewa Puszczynska will be connected with presentation of Maia Workshops.