Darko Lungulov

From Driving Van to Film Festival’s Red Carpet

Darko Lungulov, originally from Serbia, moved to New York City in 1991 where he obtained BFA in film and video from City College of New York. At Tribeca festival, 2009, Darko’s debut feature film Here and There won The Best NY Narrative Award at its world premiere. The film have received critical acclaim from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, LA Times, and won 20 awards at more than 50 International festivals around the world.

Christian Berger

An Exclusive All Day Long Lecture "Against a Dictatorship of Technology"

Christian Berger is an Oscar nominated Austrian cinematographer, director, producer and documentary writer. The biggest recognition brought him his cooperation with director Michael Haneke - for the movie The White Ribbon (2009) Christian earned (among many other awards) an Oscar nomination. At VFF will Christian Berger give an exclusive all day long lecture called "The Light and the Professional Light — Against a Dictatorship of Technology!" 

Ewa Puszczynska

Production is an Art Piece

Ewa Puszczynska is an experienced Polish producer. She has been working for Opus Film, internationally recognized production company, for over 15 years. By that time she has been managing project development and has been cooperating with many high-profile European professionals. With her participation many successful projects came to existence, for example - Miłość (directed by Slawomir Fabicki), Aglaja (dir. by  Krisztina Deák) or recent courageous sci-fi project Congress (directed by Ari Folman).

Roberto Olla

Master of promoting the European cinema

Roberto Olla is the Executive Director of Eurimages, the European Cinema Support Fund based in Strasbourg. He is also lecturing at number of training institutes where he shares his expertise and passion for independent cinema with young film professionals.

Allan Starski

Set designer can create tension and arouse emotions

Allan Starski is Polish Academy awarded (Schindler’s list) production designer and set decorator with career marked by many collaborations with worldwide known directors such as Steven Spielberg, Agnieszka Holland, Roman Polanski and many others. "Set design may not be artificial, it must convince that the film shows the real world. In the theater or in advertisement it may be contractual, in the film - not. Because cinema is a fairy tale, in which the viewer wants to believe, and the designer has to help him."

Paul Cronin

Dramatic Construction and Film Grammar

Paul Cronin is an American-British scriptwriting lector from New York School of Visual Arts and London Film School. He is a book editor, film director and screenwriter. Throughout his career he has been studying work of many remarkable filmmakers – he interviewed directors such as Werner Herzog in his piece Herzog on Herzog or wrote a book Lessons with Kiarostami, based on workshops conducted by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. At VFF 2014, he will give an intensive 3 day long scriptwriting lecture called “Dramatic Construction and Film Grammar”.


Christian Frei

Authenticity in documentary filmmaking

Christian Frei is an Oscar nominated documentary director and producer coming from Switzerland. Although the themes of his movies are usually connected with war or intolerance, he is known for subtle, humanistic and yet very authentic approach. The universal language of his films has made him a successful, worldwide known documentary film author.