Visegrad Film Forum (VFF) is a networking and educational platform for emerging film professionals, students with major in film, media or audiovisual studies and (of course) film enthusiasts.

VFF's basic idea is to create space for crossing borders of the audiovisual area of the European countries. We are platform for open dialogue and through dialogue - sharing and exchanging innovative experience - we aim to strengthen the cooperation among young film professionals.

The main goals of the VFF are to set up an educational base focused on specific film-making issues of the European area and to promote quality projects of young filmmakers: allowing them to introduce their works and find partners for their international co-production.

Visegrad Film Forum 2014 will be held at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia from 11th to 15th March.

Deadline for online application is March 7th. Single tickets could be bought on the place.
Download our programme in .pdf here.