Darko Lungulov
Tuesday 25.02.2014

Darko Lungulov

Christian Berger
Tuesday 18.02.2014

Christian Berger

Ewa Puszczynska
Friday 14.02.2014

Ewa Puszczynska


Staň sa filmovým porotcom práve Ty!

Príď, pozri si tri filmy a vyber ten najlepší ;)

Máš 12 až 14 rokov? Zaujíma Ťa film? Máš svoj názor? Ak si odpovedal trikrát áno, môžeš sa práve Ty stať porotcom na udeľovaní Ceny mladého publika (Young Audience Award) 2014 pre najlepší Európsky film! 4. mája môžeš zažiť v Kine Lumiere jedinečnú atmosféru pri pozeraní filmov spolu s mladými z ďalších 16 krajín v ten istý čas. Na jeden deň sa staneš porotcom Európskej Filmovej Akadémie a budeš hodnotiť tri vybrané filmy. Okrem toho o nich budeš diskutovať s rôznymi profesionálmi a počas prestávok sa môžeš vidieť s ostatnými porotcami v iných mestách Európy. Chceš to skúsiť? Vyplň tento formulár do 3. mája ;)  A ak budeš mať otázky, napíš nám na

Éva Vézer


With deep sadness we have to inform that our guest speaker of 2012's edition of VFF - Éva Vézer - died at the age of 57. The former director of the Hungarian Film Union passed after a long, sever illness.

Éva Vezér was a film and audiovisual expert, who has been working in different fields related to the film and television business, among others at the sales department of Hungarofilm, at the distribution and exhibition company Budapest Film. She was marketing manager of the first joint-venture film distribution company, UIP Duna Film. She worked at the satellite public TV channel of cultural character, Duna Television first as Head of the Program Acquisition Department, later on as Programming Director.

War Photographer

The Case Study on Oscar nominated documentary

Christian Frei’s documentary film War Photographer follows acclaimed photojournalist James Nachtwey as he finds stories in some of the most desolate locations on the planet. One of the main themes of the documentary is the level to which a journalist should become involved in the events that they are there to document. Nachtwey credits the intimacy of his photography to his emphasis on establishing a rapport with his subjects, often despite a significant language barrier.

VFF discussions | distribution | public funding | media | & film

Let's talk about RTVS, journey of the film to the audience, cinematic funds and films.

During VFF 2014 you will have an opportunity to attend 4 different discussions on topics related to present film distribution, public funding, Slovak public media and - of course - a film creation. All discussions are for free, you don't even need an accreditation.

VFF Afterparties. Not just fun. ;)

Come, joy, network and win!

Do you want to know people? To create a huge network? Of filmmakers? At the VFF? And do you want to win a biiiiig (alcoholic) surprise? Alright! Come then to our afterparties! We have a special award for the one of you, who will join every of our five parties, take a picture of his hand with bracelets in all five colours and share it then on our facebook page. The picture with the most likes - wins!

VFF 2014 Video

Watch our spot!

Thanks to Peter Michalka (idea, script), Peter Budinsky (animation, director) and Miroslav Gazi (sound design) has VFF 2014 its own spot. You can find it in our videogallery with other videos from our previous edition - and during the VFF 2014 there will be published diaries from this year's edition as well.

Maia Workshops

Presentation of the international recognized Maia Workshops at VFF 2014

Maia Workshops is an advanced training and coaching programme for emerging European producers. For Maia is the producer central to the complex process of developing, producing, marketing and distributing an audiovisual work. Under the guidance of some of the best industry experts from all around Europe, Maia has a steady hold on the state of the art in the global audiovisual market. Maia is keen to explore new and innovative ways of making and marketing films with low budgets. It also looks forward into transmedia storytelling and building crossmedia projects for different platforms as much as works on consolidating its knowledge of the crafts and the skills of classical film production.

The Hives

Case Study of United Effort of Five European Directors

Thursday morning, Jerusalem. Nira goes to work. Ahmad in London does the same, Ralf in Cologne and a priest in Prague too. Matija, Croat, goes to work as well. Ok, he doesn't, but he acts as if he does. Ahmad is taking his routine red bus journey. Out-of-breath young man comes in and interrupts it. Schoolteacher Nira is also interrupted – her pupil jumps out and performs a love rap song he wrote for her. The priest in Prague doesn’t feel like singing today, he is in the mood for (over)sleeping instead. Someone falls asleep, someone else – Ralf - falls in love. All five mentioned above are listening to the top-news about the disappearance of bees. And trying their best, each one of them in his or her own 'hive': Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne, Prague...

Darko Lungulov

From Driving Van to Film Festival’s Red Carpet

Darko Lungulov, originally from Serbia, moved to New York City in 1991 where he obtained BFA in film and video from City College of New York. At Tribeca festival, 2009, Darko’s debut feature film Here and There won The Best NY Narrative Award at its world premiere. The film have received critical acclaim from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, LA Times, and won 20 awards at more than 50 International festivals around the world.

Midpoint: Central European Script Center

Call for applications for its 5th edition

The programme, founded by Prague FAMU in collaboration with film schools in Bratislava, Lodz, Berlin, Bucharest and Budapest five years ago, has been cooperating with a group of international tutors who provide invaluable input in guiding filmmakers and helping them to get the best out of their scripts. Many of the MIDPOINT projects have resulted in films in the meantime, and several of them are already celebrating an international success.