October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

SZFE films


color, 21'

Director: István Kovács

Scriptwriter: Fanni Szántó

Director of Photography: István Kürti

Editor: Gábor Péter Duszka

Producer: Eszter Vogel

Camera operators: András Gravi Kiss, Balázs István Balázs, Tamás Simon

Music: Szebasztián Szabó, Galdson

Cast: David Klein

Dávid Klein and László Várkonyi attempted to reach Everest's summit without supplementary oxygen on numerous occasions over the course of the last few years. In 2007 they reached 8650m however in 2010 László 'Konyi' Várkonyi lost his life in avalanche. Now in 2012 Dávid is attempting to reach the elusive summit solo. The film explores this struggle and the man behind it.

© SZFE 2012


color, 7'

Producer and Director: Szilvia Ahmad

Cinematography and Editor: Áron Mezei

Cast: Nikoletta Prok, István Szántó, Noémi Hornyák-Simonyi, Hajnalka Berkes

© SZFE 2011


color, 8'

crew: Szakonyi Noemi Veronika, Ana Carolina Baez es Yiran Zhou. 

In the past mao ze dong declared sparrows an enemy of the state. the birds were frightened and took off, and since the hubbub went on steadily the sparrows did not dare to land. Constant flying and escaping exhausted the birds soon and they simply feel down and died. Old Beijingers started to keep birds in bamboo cages, so in that way they could freely enjoy the twittering. It became more and more popular to train them.  Old Beijingers are living in the heart of the city, in the so- called Hutongs. Nowadays they are forced to move into new building with their families, birds and lives, which are located outside of the fifth ring road. It is happening because of the senseless reconstruction of the old city...

© SZFE, Bejing Film Academy 2012

The Invincibles

color, 3'

Director: István Kovács

Director of Photography: István Kürti

Production: Ida Reich

Editor: Áron Mezei

Cast: Attila Kenderesi, Chino Maduagwu, László Mészáros

© SZFE 2012

Kriszta and Zsolt

color, 15'

Director: Ábel Visky

Director of Photography: András Gravi Kiss

Producer: Dániel Molnár

Editor: Áron Mezei

Sound Designer and Boom operator: Andor Horváth, Bence Tóth

Cast: Kriszta Máj, Zsolt Pál

Kriszta and Zsolt is a fil about a blind couple living a very colorful life, still having the conflicts and the joys of every usual couple.

© SZFE 2012

The Magic Mountain is over

color, 35'

Producer and Director: Meggyes Krisztina

Cinematography: Táborosi András, Meggyes Krisztina

Editing: Gotthárdi Balázs

Cast: Márta István, Rovó Rézi, Galkó Balázs, Derzsi János, Schruff Milán, Gáspár Sándor, Szikora János and the company of New Theatre

New Theatre was an acknowledged theatre in Budapest for many years. After over a decade the director of the company was changed that caused a huge scandal as a lot believed it was a political decision. The new leader they said had strong links to the extreme right and that seemed to be unacceptable for them. The film follows the last two months of the company while they rehearse their last play together, The Magic Mountain by Thomass Mann.

© SZFE 2012

Versfilm (A Film based on a Poem)
color, 3'

Director: Fila Zsófi
Director of Photography: Deák Kristóf
Editor:  Bodoky Eszter
Dramaturgy: Benedek Ágota
Producer: Dósa Detti