October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia


Brumlik & Animuk

animation, color, 11'

Director: Jan Bohuslav

Screenwriter: Jan Bohuslav

Director of Photography: Jan Bohuslav

Editor: Jan Bohuslav

Sound Director: Viktor Ekrt

Art Director: Jan Bohuslav

Music: Michal Němec

Producer: Zuzana Mesticová a Pavla Kubečková

Animation: Libor Pixa, Alexandra Hetmerová, Marek Pokorný, Barbora Zadražilová, Jan Bohuslav

Tale of Greenland. One of the many adventures of Brumlik Bear and his best friend - Inuit girl Animuk.

© FAMU 2011

Girls full of eco emotions

digital, color, 11'

Director: Monika Midriaková

Screenwriter: Monika Midriaková

Director of Photography: Saša Gojdičová, Marika Pěcháčková, Vít Zapletal

Editor: Monika Midriaková

Sound Director: Adam Voneš, Lukáš Ujčík

Art Director: Monika Midriaková

Music: Monika Midriaková

Cast: Katka Zochová, Anička Ouřadová, Monika Midriaková, Jindra Petrlík

You are going for coffe and you hear people, elder and younger than you. And all of them are talking about the same thing and are connive with fact, that the end of world is going to be in 2012.

So you are sitting with your friends, eating dinner and trying to conceive something. What should you do? Buy 5 kilos of rise, move to the wild, and establish there community. But before this crisic there could be very cheap electronics??..

About replanting flowers, saving life, escaping. About 3 confused girls, 1 convinced ecologist and mycologist who felt in love with rare mushroom.

© FAMU 2011

Kaiser Kanner Conductor

digital, color, 13'

Director: Viktor Portel

Screenwriter: Viktor Portel

Director of Photography: Vojtech Votypka

Editor: Tomas Polensky

Sound Director: Dominik Mendrek

Cast: Oldrich Kaiser

Mastermind musician Kanner is drinking away his talent. He's played by the actor Kaiser, who also plays the role of Kanner's moralizing conductor. Another person in the studio- Kaiser- also knows a thing or two about this struggle.

© FAMU 2011


35mm, HDV, color, 58'

Director: Michal Hogenauer 

Screenwriter: Markéta Jindřichová, Michal Hogenauer

Production: Jiří Slavíček 

Director of Photography: Adam Stretti

Editing: Michal Reich

Sound Design: Ivo Broum

Production Design: Aneta Grňáková

Cast: Ivan Říha, Anna-Marie Maxera, Lucie Trmíková, Petr Gabaj, Jan Šantroch, Tomáš Turek and more

An eighteen-year-old delinquent was recently released from a juvenile detention center. He returns to his parent’s old home with a clean criminal record and a new identity. However, local villagers sense an injustice in this lack of punishment; they remember what happened there just a few years earlier. Also an ambitious filmmaker has decided to follow and document this delinquent’s return to a ‘normal’ life. With the backdrop of contemporary society, where “everything is meaningless and nothing is real”, this story of maturity and guilt unfolds.

© FAMU 2012