October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Interfilm / NISI MASA

Workshop Script Pitch

This is what we planned for participants to get their ideas of script to the next level:

I) Getting the edges sharpened with a Script Development Workshop 

13th November, 2.00 P.M. Oval at Kino Babylon Mitte

Nadja Dumouchel and our very own Wim Vanacker will be helping participants of Script Pitch to develop their ideas and sharpen their projects into true cinematic diamonds. Their vast experience will be an important contribution to point the changes that will strengthen the projects’ cohesion.

II) You believe, they will to - Workshop on the subject of Pitching 

14th November, 2.00 P.M. Oval at Kino Babylon Mitte

Producer and scriptwriter Tobias Munthe (Silver Bear for Best Director 2013) will share his experience and valuable insights on how to properly pitch in front of a demanding jury. The workshop will focus on each projects’ strategy for pitching by analyzing its strong points and promotion approach.

III) Let’s do it! Script Pitch Competition 

15th November, 2.00 P.M. Grüner Salon at Volksbühne Berlin

This will be the time to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Is your idea going to make it?

The learning process does not stop here!

To make the most of the occasion, Berlinale award winner Razvan and member of the Script Pitch jury Razvan Radulescu will host a workshop, sharing his experience and several aspects of his personal journey in the domain of Cinema.

The jury for European Short Pitch 2014 (a NISI MASA workshop) will also be on set to decide the projects that will be taken to the next stage of this competition. 

About Script Pitch:

The possibility of wining an amazing award of € 1000, sponsored by 25*MEDIA GROUP was given to 10 lucky chosen applications for the Script Pitch sessions. By presenting their ideas in a heartbeat (3min), all the participants will get an appraisal by our international jury of TV, Film and Scriptwriting professionals, which includes Berlinale award winner Razvan Radulescu and filmmaker Sergio Barrejón! After the appraisal, a moment to make contacts with creative and industry professionals will also be given through a Meet &Greet event and we expect participants to make the most of it, by interacting with an audience and important field players in an open forum. Furthermore, participants will get an accreditation pass (max. 2 per project) for all events at the International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin 2013.

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