October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

LET’S CEE Film Festival and Master Classes

Look East for Great Films


While the historical and geographical proximity to Austria might suggest otherwise, films from those countries have had a hard time finding their way into Austrian cinemas. This certainly has nothing to do with a lack of quality of the films in question. On the contrary - the Central and Eastern European cinema has a history of filmmaking which is probably as long as its tradition is great. Many of its representatives were – and continue to be - able to establish themselves in the international filmmaking business and their masterpieces continue to stir excitement and receive tribute from renowned festivals all over the world.

Since its first instalment in 2012, the LET‘S CEE Film Festival has been providing an exclusive and attractive stage for Central and Eastern European cinematography. Its programme features a selection of the best current feature films and documentaries as well as promising short films, all of which take part in the festival‘s film competitions. In addition to those, the LET‘S CEE Film Festival also features various categories, ranging from legendary classics to topic-related retrospectives and tributes to distinguished children‘s films, depending on the respective topical focus.

With only a few exceptions, almost all of the featured films are presented in the respective original versions with English or German subtitles. Many of these are Austrian premieres, being accessible to the Austrian audience for the first time ever.

Not only do the festival organisers deliver a wide range of cinematic masterpieces to Vienna, they also bring numerous film directors, scriptwriters, producers, actors, cameramen and film score composers from all across Central and Eastern Europe to the Danubian metropolis.

The screenings are followed by discussions (Q&A’s) with the respective filmmakers, providing a unique and unforgettable opportunity for the audience to shape and influence their personal experience and understanding of the presented film.

On the other hand, the filmmakers are given the opportunity to meet and to exchange experiences with their international and Austrian colleagues, either casually or during one of the numerous organised fringe events.

The same goes for all the promising young artists who get the opportunity to present their work in the short film competition or to take part in an advanced training course: They also can use LET‘S CEE as a lifetime opportunity to communicate with their peers. There are many opportunities for exchange between the filmmakers themselves as well as their audience: The extensive event programme features freely accessible lectures as well as exclusive events and top-class film workshops (labelled „Ateliers“), accompanied by concerts, an attractive series of parties and a topic-related exhibition.

The LET’S CEE Film Festival aspires to be more than just a film festival. It also aims to be a forum for initiating, promoting and supporting international cooperation between filmmakers from the CEE regions, Austria and other countries. One of our main goals is the advancement of promising talents from Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.




The LET’S CEE Film Festival will give these talented young filmmakers the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with the greats of the filmmaking scene during the Q&A’s after each screening and to broaden their knowledge by participating in the Workshops and Master Classes. These events, as well as the exclusive Get Together events, provide the chance to get in touch with new people, laying the groundwork for cooperation and the development of new projects.

The new LET’S CEE Master Classes will premiere at this year’s LET’S CEE Film Festival. The Master Classes are organised in close cooperation with the renowned Andrzej Wajda School in Warsaw, supported by EKRAN – European Training Programme run by Wajda Studio and Wajda School from Warsaw, Poland. Selected aspects of the European training programme EKRAN will be presented in three Workshops consisting of entertaining and highly informative three- to five-hour modules.

Each module will include the screening of one film by the respective filmmaker. The LET’S CEE & EKRAN Master Classes will be led by the exceptional film director Alexander Sokurov from Russia, Polish Oscar winner and production designer Allan Starski and Polish film director and co-founder of Wajda Studio & Wajda School Wojciech Marczewski. Other renowned guests of the festival, such as producer and filmmaker Blerta Zeqiri from the Republic of Kosovo, Bosnian rock legend and film score composer Saša Lošić as well as the highly successful Slovenian film director Damjan Kozole will also allow an insight into their work in a unique and personal atmosphere.

Participation in the LET’S CEE Master Classes (held in English language) is subject to a fee, with considerable discounts for students.

For more information go to: http://www.letsceefilmfestival.com/