October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Petr Marek

Film/Music – Visuality/Musicality


Throughout the years Marek has been performing as a solo musician under the pseudonym Bunny the Musician and with a number of music bands such as Kakaduo or The Scalders.

Born in the mid-seventies, he has made about sixty micro-budget and low-budget films, which where produced by his own company the Unarfilm. 



Marek's feature length debut Love from Above (2002) was distributed in cooperation of Unarfilm and Negativ production company and has been given mixed reception both from general public and film professionals. Ironic comedy Nothing against Nothing (2011) about adoption issue mostly based on the improvisation of Marek and his colleagues from the theatre project Láhor/Soundsystem has earned credits for its staging authenticity and a cynical sense of humour among Czech and Slovak audience.