October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Fred Kelemen

Independent Cinematographer

"When somebody is really starting to do something, fight for what he wants to be real, then, maybe, hope is something that comes out of this, because then I can hope that really something can change." 



Kelemen was a close collaborator on Bela Tarr's latest works – as a cinematographer he participated on The Turin Horse (2011) and Man from London (2007). His unique experience includes positions of director, screenwriter and producer. On different film jobs Kelemen explains: The different things are just different aspects of the artistic expression. To write the script, to direct and to create the images is one act for me. Of course, it can be done differently. Being the Director of Photography of another director’s movie is also nice, for example. But practicing the different parts of this art is possible too. 



Kelemen's films – Fate (1994), Frost (1997), Nightfall (1999), Krisana (2005) were awarded at major film festivals across the world as well as numerous retrospectives were devoted to his work.