October 17 - 20, 2012
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Anca Damian

The Director's Journey from the Idea to the Film

In the nineties, at her beginnings she was working as a cinematographer on a number of documentaries, short films and two feature films. A drama Crossing Dates (2008) was a first feature film she worked on as a director and a screenwriter. A Romanian-Finish co-production offered three viewpoints of the characters on the same situation. Her second feature, animated documentary Crulic – The Path to Beyond (2011), was awarded at festivals in Annecy, Locarno, Cottbus, Warsaw and at many others.

Beautiful artwork and a powerful story are the key elements of animated docu "Crulic -- The Path to Beyond," recounting the Kafkaesque history of a Romanian man arrested in Poland and abandoned by everyone until his death following a hunger strike in 2008. Sophomore helmer Anca Damian doesn't prettify the subject, but rather uses the animation as an illustration of miscarried justice, told with a certain detached irony until the live action news reportage at the closing credits. (Variety)

These days Anca Damian is in a post-production of her English language debut A Very Unsettled Summer, a contemporary urban tale filmed in Bucharest and in Prague.