October 19 - 22, 2011
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Réka Lemhényi

Process of Film Editing

Actually, Lémhenyi´s film work is much diversified, because besides those experimental films she was editing short and documentary films, TV films or projects and many feature films. Accordly she was working with different Hungarian film directors like István Szabó, Szabolcs Hajdu, Réka Kincses, György Pálfi or Kornél Mundruczó. His short film Afta (2000) won prestigious prices at several international film festivals. Léhmenyi worked with György Pálfi on 2 parts of HBO Miniseries Született lúzer (2007), also known as Born loser, next their common pictures are feature film Nem vagyok a barátod (2008) with english title I Am Not Your Friend, and very well known Taxidermia (2005). Nem vagyok a barátod presents a dark picture of complicated relationships in current Budapest, which is created by actor-amateur’s improvisation during only 20 days. However, Taxidermia is more controversial and provoking. Namely, the grotesque story of three caricatured men – fat speed eater, young freaky embalmer of cats and a man who can shoot the fire out of his penis – refers to the “modern” pervert society.

Prolific co-operation of Lémhenyi and film director Szabolcs Hajdu bring out two awarded movies Macerás ügyek (Sticky Matters, 2000) and Tamara (2003). Thanks to the first one Lémhenyi won the Film Critics Award for Best Editing at Hungarian Film Critics Award. Moreover, her editing work in her last film Essential Killing (J. Skolimowski, 2010) is even multiple awarded. She got Orly Award for Best Editing at Polish Film Academy and the price for Best Editing at Gdynia Polish Film Festival. Skolimowski´s film displays fragmentary pictures of coincidence, which force us to beastly acting and to kill others just to stay alive in a wild nature.

Hungarian film editor Réka Lémhenyi has edited more than 10 feature films, 8 feature-length documentaries, 4 short films, 3 experimental pictures and 2 films in TV production. Currently she collaborates with István Szabó on feature film The Door, which is in post-production now.