October 19 - 22, 2011
The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Slovakia

Réka Lemhényi

Process of Film Editing

Réka Lémhenyi is one of the most reputable and talented editor in Hungarian contemporary cinematography. She graduated from the Hungarian Film Academy, with Bachelor´s degree of Arts in Film and Television Editing. After school she worked on some experimental films – Dencity 37 (G. Tóth, P. Tóth, 1996), Anachronist (G. Bodolay, 1997), Légyfogó (Á. Sospitz, 1998) and Leaving Room (Nasrin Tabatabai, 2001) – and even the first of them won Financial Prize at Art Film Festival, placed in Trencianske Teplice, Slovak Republic.

Benedek Fliegauf

Independent Film-making

Benedek Fliegauf is among György Palfi, Kornel Mundruczo, Nimrod Antal and Szabolcs Hajdu one of the leading members of the so-called Hungarian New Wave of the 2000s. He may be regarded as a follower of the metaphysical tradition of cinema made by Andrei Tarkovsky or Bela Tarr and as an inspirational innovator with various cinematic forms.

MIDPOINT - Central European Script Center

Developing of a Script

MIDPOINT: Central European Script Center is an international script development training program for graduating students and recent graduates which aims to support the writer, director and producer in the development process.

Peter Kerekes

Independent Documentary-making

Peter Kerekes belongs to the most exceptional Slovak documentarists that has won attention abroad already during their studies.

He creates with authors as Marek Skop, Jaro Vojtek, Robert Kirchhoff and Zuzana Piussi the so called Generation 90. They are connected generation that still remain there own handwriting. The documentaries made by Peter Kerekes are strongly stylized and have the author’s impacts. He often uses managed extracts. The protagonist and their storytelling is used as the hint for comprehensive stories and mostly about the history itself.

Vit Klusak & Filip Remunda

Provocative Documentary-making

Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda are Czech film directors and producers, who made themselves heard for the provocative feature-length docu-comedy Czech Dream (Český sen, 2004), their final project for the Department of Documentary Directing at FAMU. The humorous non-conventional aspects of the film and insightful glance at effects of capitalism attracted even the controversial US filmmaker Michael Moore. The film about hoax hypermarket and buying fever was awarded at several festivals in Europe (Aarhus Film Festival) and in the United States (San Francisco International Film Festival).

Igor Luther

An European Cinematographer

Igor Luther belongs to the most renowned Slovak cinematographers. After his emigration following the 1968 Soviet invasion, he was able to gain recognition in abroad. During his student days at FAMU in Prague he worked together with Elo Havetta or Juraj Jakubisko on their student films.

Allison Argo

Staying Locally while Working Globally

Allison Argo is a perfect example of the new kind of professional found on Cape Cod, USA.  She grew up on the Cape and now works out of an office in her lovely home in Brewster.  She has been working as a producer, director and writer for 20 years, and has won numerous awards for her nature documentaries including six national Emmys.

Krzysztof Zanussi

Developing of a Story

Krysztof Zanussi is one of the most important polish directors who have won attention even abroad. He was born in 1939 and before he went to study film in Lodz, he graduated in Physics in Warsaw and Philosophy in Krakow. Therefore he has been applying the knowledge of physics and philosophy during the directing of his films. His films are very close to the essay form, he is often showing the academic world and a scholars contemplating about the ethics and the moral message of the individuals.

Sasha Wieser

Why Does Your Film Need an International Distributor?

Sasha Wieser lives in Vienna. He was one of the founders of EastWest Filmdistribution and has been its general manager since autumn 2004. Within this feature film sales company, which specialises in the promotion and sale of quality independent European feature films, Sasha Wieser is especially responsible for acquiring new European films for the world wide sales catalogue.